Awards in Rockville, Maryland

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Rockville is $25,755,373.93

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract The purpose of the HPRP Regional Grant Trainings is to provide basic program information to grantees to support nationwide program… $158,248 Rockville MD 0 -4
Contract The purpose of the DRGR Information Referral and Technical Assistance Center is to provide technical assistance and information referrals to… $179,422 Rockville MD 1 -1
Contract Database Administrator Contract Support for BCRS's Scholarship and Loan Programs: The purpose of this contract is to provide database administration,… $79,018 Rockville MD 1 -2
Contract The funds will cover the support of clinical trials for the Accelerating Clinical Trials of Novel Oncologic Path Ways (ACTNOW)… $762,688 Rockville MD 0 0
Contract In 2009, the NIDA-funded Center of Excellence for Physician Information at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University finalized an… $500,000 Rockville MD 2 -1
Contract The Contractor provided, delivered, and installed Haworth office furniture to provide 98 workstations of systems furniture to house approximately 140… $326,078 Rockville MD 1 -1
Contract Purchase new Hardware/Software to implement an Imperva Web Application solution to support a Security Operation Center project and to further… $280,523 Rockville MD 2 -1
Contract Design Update for Phase 8 (Power Plant Upgrade) and Phase 9A and 9B (Renovation of Pilot Plant Laboratories) at the… $461,632 Rockville MD 3 -4
Contract The purpose of the ARRA Information Center is to provide the general public and eligible parties with information allowing them… $287,885 Rockville MD 1 -2
Contract SecureFusion. 12 months @ $19,000 per month. $228,000 Rockville MD 1 0
Contract Procurement System Reviews for Rockford Metro Transit District and Springfield Metro Transit District $51,633 Rockville MD 0 0
Contract Grant Oversight $25,408 Rockville MD 0 0
Contract TEMPORARY CONTRACT SPECIALISTS $99,840 Rockville MD 2 0
Contract The scope is to respond to SP ARRA calls and receive, track, and collate the SP ARRA applications $274,006 Rockville MD 0 0
Contract RECOVERY SERVICES for SRB/NIAin identifying reviewersfor applications submitted to NIA for review and preparation of summary statements. $51,000 Rockville MD 1 -1
Contract Provide support to HRSA's Bureau of Clinicial Recruitment Services (BCRS) in the form of ad hoc, ongoing maintenance and modification… $126,291 Rockville MD 1 -2
Contract The purpose of this procurement is to establish an Application Processing Center (APC) within the HRSA complex located at 5600… $483,098 Rockville MD 0 -1
Contract ACTNOW (Accelerating Clinical Trials of Novel Oncology PathWays) Clinical Trial Support under Operation and Support of the Cancer Therapy Evaluation… $2,468,393 Rockville MD 0 -1
Contract Award covers the performance of clinical trials support tasks for the Accelerating Clinical Trials of Novel Oncologic PathWays project. $472,484 Rockville MD 0 -2
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