Awards in Bethesda, Maryland

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Bethesda is $120,171,283.77

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract GE TRACERlab, this is an automated system for the production of general 18FYF Fluoride Based Tracers, used for Nuclear /… $102,300 Bethesda MD 0 -1
Contract The overall purpose of this award was to fund 3-4 Scientific Review Officer positions for the National Cancer Institute. The… $24,752 Bethesda MD 3 0
Contract Provide software development and support services to the NIH Office of Extramural Research (OER) for the Electronic Research Administration (eRA)… $193,200 Bethesda MD 0 0
Contract Professional and Scientific Support for Grant Review Services Resulting from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 $81,000 Bethesda MD 2 0
Contract Replace tube nest & condensate lines, Bldg 10, B1D729, to facilitate heat exchanger repair. $99,895 Bethesda MD 0 0
Contract Technical services to assist the NIH/OER Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration (OPERA) with the execution of NIH grant… $21,028 Bethesda MD 0 0
Contract This project involves the installation of 4-way concrete encased communication ductbanks between buildings 141 and 241, and installation of 2-way… $294,947 Bethesda MD 3 0
Contract EE Conservation Block Grant Program $1,500,000 Bethesda MD 0 -1
Contract The US Social Security Administration proactively engaged IBM to analyze the impact of a series of new hire initiatives within… $8,487,500 Bethesda MD 17 -6
Contract Merit review services $16,429 Bethesda MD 0 -1
Contract Energy, Water & Emissions Reporting & Tracking System $1,000,000 Bethesda MD 0 0
Contract Oracle Consulting Services for the NIH Business System's Oracle Governance Risk, and Compliance Controls Suite. $1,385,072 Bethesda MD 0 -1
Contract Temporary Clerical Support $71,386 Bethesda MD 2 0
Contract Provide support for the OPERA Interface with GM Module that will significantly improve the quality and accuracy of awards, reduce… $146,445 Bethesda MD 2 0
Contract The work includes new fire alarm installations and incidental related work. There will be four new fire alarm systems (mirroring… $5,982,114 Bethesda MD 2 0
Contract RECOVERY - ACTNOW Clinical Trials Support provided under the CTEP Drug Development Support $1,093,005 Bethesda MD 0 -1
Contract Recovery Scientific Programmatic Support $156,000 Bethesda MD 1 0
Contract 'Recovery Act' -- Repair & Upgrade Switchgear -- Building 38A $4,858,166 Bethesda MD 22 0
Contract 'Recovery Act' -- Repair & Upgrade Switchgear -- Building 29 $3,857,474 Bethesda MD 20 0
Contract Provide technical writers to review grant applications for compliance with formatting, proofreadig, and editing summary statements. In response to the… $147,000 Bethesda MD 8 0
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