Awards in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Cambridge is $266,316,019.50

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Funds to purchase Pediatric influenza vaccine $1,465,963 Cambridge MA 0 0
Contract 'Sensor Systems for Complete Residential Energy Monitoring' TIAX is developing residential energy monitoring components for systems that are inexpensive, easy… $89,978 Cambridge MA 1 1
Contract Procurement System Reviews for two medium/small grantees, three workshops, program support and special assignments, along with the associated travels. Calyptus… $165,000 Cambridge MA 0 0
Contract Funds to purchase adult influenza virus vaccines $305,621 Cambridge MA 0 -1
Contract Clinical studies of pandemic H1N1 vaccine. $44,859,291 Cambridge MA 0 -5
Grant CAREER: The Symplectic Categrory, Floer Field Theory, and Relations to Gauge Theory and Topology $723,287 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant CAREER: Efficient Computation in the Physical World $578,660 Cambridge MA 1 0
Grant Microbial Structures in Neoproterozoic Cap Carbonates $249,829 Cambridge MA 1 -1
Grant CAREER: Distribution of Fitness Effects, Identity and Interaction of Beneficial Mutations Available for Adaptation $702,452 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant CAREER: Physical Aspects of Spindle Self-Organization $800,000 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant High Temperature Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers $315,000 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Studies of the Structure of the Earth's Interior $130,000 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant CAREER: Relationships in Finance $672,369 Cambridge MA 0 -2
Grant Neutrino Physics at MIT $1,166,000 Cambridge MA 2 3
Grant Transport in Baroclinic Flows $389,616 Cambridge MA 1 0
Grant Atomic Ensembles Entangled by Light for Measurements Below the Standard Quantum Limit $420,000 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant W-algebras and Algebraic Group Actions $137,751 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant Total Positivity: Connections with Alegebra, Topology, and Statistical Physics $135,890 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant Geometric Representation Growth $133,238 Cambridge MA 0 0
Grant Integrated Actuation, Alignment, and Latching for Assembled 3D MEMS $330,000 Cambridge MA 0 0
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