Awards in Lexington, Kentucky

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Lexington is $73,056,060.60

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Biosynthetic Key Steps of Angucycline Antitumor Drugs $7,403 Lexington KY 1 0
Grant Paramyxovirus F Protein Mediated Membrane Fusion-Admin Summer Supplement $32,801 Lexington KY 1 0
Grant Developmental regulation of estrogen receptor alpha by spigenetic modification $591,929 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Pycnogenol and Traumatic Brain Injury $222,750 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant CVC RBEG ARRA Project $200,000 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Role of Serum Amyloid A in Atheroscierosis $406,492 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Role of p62 in Protein Aggregation and Neurodegeneration in ALS $233,888 Lexington KY 0 1
Grant Effect of Prior Event on Reward Value $214,311 Lexington KY 1 -1
Grant NEW ROUTE $11,100,000 Lexington KY 7 2
Grant Functional Domains and Expression of Olfactory Receptors $153,308 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Exon Splice Pattern Characterization of the Whole mRNA Transcriptome $1,027,384 Lexington KY 1 0
Grant Determinants of Extraocular Muscle Function $60,215 Lexington KY 2 0
Grant Fundamental Studies of the Nucleon Spin in QCD $479,875 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Genomics of Olfactory Regeneration $9,753 Lexington KY 2 0
Grant Universal Quantum Few-Body Codes for Research and Education $300,000 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant An Intervention for Promoting Smoke-free Policy in Rural Kentucky $276,884 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant Studies of fundamental constants, interactions and symmetries via low-energy, high-precision muon experiments $587,955 Lexington KY 0 -3
Grant EFRI-HyBi: Lignin Deconstruction for the Production of Liquid Fuels $1,984,322 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Calpain as a Therapuetic Target for TBI (PO1) $73,894 Lexington KY 0 -1
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