Awards in Lexington, Kentucky

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Lexington is $73,056,060.60

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Biobehavioral Cardiovascular Health Promotion Intervention in a State Prison System $988,431 Lexington KY 0 -3
Grant Transdermal Cannabinoid Prodrug Treatment for Cannabis Withdrawal and Dependence $2,080,746 Lexington KY 0 -3
Grant Studies of fundamental constants, interactions and symmetries via low-energy, high-precision muon experiments $587,955 Lexington KY 0 -3
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Public Housing Modernization Progam $2,950,012 Lexington KY 10 -2
Grant Evaluation and Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Weakness in Critically Ill Patients $480,899 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant Observations of Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds - Exploring Two Key Issues $299,312 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant Intracellular signaling during skeletal muscle hypertrophy $297,000 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant Genome Resources for Model Amphibians $569,995 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant An Intervention for Promoting Smoke-free Policy Development in Rural Kentucky $19,780 Lexington KY 1 -1
Grant Effect of Prior Event on Reward Value $214,311 Lexington KY 1 -1
Grant An Intervention for Promoting Smoke-free Policy in Rural Kentucky $276,884 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant Calpain as a Therapuetic Target for TBI (PO1) $73,894 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Controlling Higher Plant Embryogenesis $300,000 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Mechanism of Apoptosis and Inhibition of Tumor Progression and Metastasis by Par- $318,752 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant 3U01CA114622-05S3 REVISED $251,985 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Machine-Human Cooperative Control of Welding Process $400,000 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Cellular Nucleic Acid Binding Protein (CNBP) in Aging and Disease - Student Summer Research Supplemental $24,151 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Increased Services to Health Centers $386,632 Lexington KY 3 0
Grant A Novel Murine Model of Chronic Inflammatory Periodontitus $111,375 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant PA-22 HS $100,850 Lexington KY 1 0
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