Awards in Lexington, Kentucky

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Lexington is $73,056,060.60

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Enhanced Oral Tissue Repair via Self Assembled Polymer Multi-layer Barriers for t $110,358 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant CRASP-2 proteins of Lyme disease Borrelia $219,750 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant A novel ternary virulence system in plague $222,750 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Evaluation and Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Weakness in Critically Ill Patients $480,899 Lexington KY 0 -1
Grant ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE CORE CENTER $241,715 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Alcohol and Breast Cancer $95,857 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Genomics of Olfactory Regneration $74,852 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Role of Staircase Hair Bundle Morphology in Auditory Mechanotransduction $180,694 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant A Novel Mechanism by Which iPLA2 Links Diabetes to Cardiovascular Diseases $258,056 Lexington KY 0 0
Grant Molecular mechanisms of aging in the intrinsic laryngeal muscles $33,413 Lexington KY 0 0
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