Awards in Wichita, Kansas

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Wichita is $45,296,272.90

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Head Start ARRA Expansion $345,011 Wichita KS 0 -3
Grant FY 2009 ARRA COLA/QI $541,345 Wichita KS 4 -3
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program $1,265,098 Wichita KS 0 -2
Grant ARFF Vehicle (Class II) $329,910 Wichita KS 0 -2
Contract Replace Roofs on Various Bldgs $753,296 Wichita KS 6 -2
Contract This award was for the ARRA-Wichita Air Handler Replacement - U.S. Courthouse - replacement of air handling units in the… $3,865,069 Wichita KS 0 -2
Contract Section 8 rental assistance $113,617 Wichita KS 2 -2
Grant COPS Hiring Recover Program (CHRP) $409,194 Wichita KS 0 -1
Grant Somerset Plaza Tower $490,204 Wichita KS 2 -1
Grant Justice Equipment Acquisition and Safe& Secure Communities Project $2,360,573 Wichita KS 0 -1
Grant Sidewalk Repair and Facade Improvements $764,126 Wichita KS 0 -1
Grant The Timbers $303,403 Wichita KS 0 -1
Grant Van Maintenance Facility, Paratransit Vans, Bike Racks/Lockers, ITS, Hybrid Staff Vehicles, Safety Strobe Lights, Capital Cost of 3rd Party Contracting, HVAC Unit, Preventative Maintenance, Administration Costs $6,629,186 Wichita KS 12 -1
Contract Construction Management as Agent $205,818 Wichita KS 0 -1
Grant ARRA-Capital Improvement Program $1,109,915 Wichita KS 0 -1
Grant Recovery Act Health Center Cluster Program $1,300,000 Wichita KS 4 0
Grant Enhancing Forensic Services with additional Toxicologist $99,243 Wichita KS 0 0
Grant ARRA-Capital Improvement Porgram $773,845 Wichita KS 2 0
Grant Federal Work Study - Federal Work-Study supports payments to individual students throughout the academic year $92,632 Wichita KS 4 0
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