Awards in Fort Riley, Kansas

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Fort Riley is $9,770,692.32

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Replace roof Bldg 3 Ft. Riley, Kansas $16,524 Fort Riley KS 4 0
Contract Replace roof Bldg 6, Fort Riley, Kansas $27,380 Fort Riley KS 4 0
Contract Modifications to existing Federal Contract for Replacement of spillway stair railings; Repair pinion Gear Case; Bridge Steel painting; and Catwalk… $875,207 Fort Riley KS 0 0
Contract Renovate Irwin Army community Hospital 2nd Floor Bldg 600 at Ft. Riley, KS $3,484,463 Fort Riley KS 0 0
Contract Small to medium range construction projects (repair and maintenance) of installation property such as mechanical work, interior/exterior building repair, etc. $5,367,119 Fort Riley KS 12 0