Awards in Lawrence, Kansas

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Lawrence is $20,410,436.71

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Telecom upgrade for Haskell University. BIA $101,218 Lawrence KS 4 -1
Contract Replacement of plumbing in three buildings at Haskell Indian Nations University, 155 Indian Ave., Lawrence, KS 66046 $553,546 Lawrence KS 0 0
Contract Remove and replace ninety five water source heat pumps, train 2 employees $387,753 Lawrence KS 10 0
Contract replace UPS at Haskell Indian Nations University $70,216 Lawrence KS 0 0
Contract Installation of an intercom paging system. $493,222 Lawrence KS 0 0
Contract CEILING AND LIGHTS $7,475 Lawrence KS 4 0
Contract Crack fill and asphalt overlay. $281,236 Lawrence KS 25 -1
Contract Replace existing Wheel Chair Lift in Building 112, install new Wheel Chair Lift in Building 112 $46,753 Lawrence KS 6 0
Contract Replace Boiler System Bureau of Indian Affairs Haskell Indian Nations University Lawrence, KS $62,442 Lawrence KS 4 0
Contract The award funds a geoarcheological investigation of the NRHP-Listed Coffey Site (14PO1). The purpose of the study is to delineate… $33,000 Lawrence KS 0 0
Grant Arts and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act f 2009 $50,000 Lawrence KS 1 -1
Grant Structural Analysis of a Virulence Gene Regulator in Chlamydia $70,117 Lawrence KS 0 0
Grant Mechanisms of the Type III Secretion $212,310 Lawrence KS 3 0
Grant Microdialysis Studies of Seizure-Induced Oxidative Stress $389,698 Lawrence KS 2 0
Grant Synthetic Cell Surface Receptors for Anticancer Drug Delivery $243,052 Lawrence KS 2 0
Grant Affinity Labels for Opioid Receptors $310,850 Lawrence KS 1 0
Grant In Vivo Investigations Using Microdialysis Sampling $333,666 Lawrence KS 2 0
Grant Viral and host responses to HSV infection $91,589 Lawrence KS 0 0
Grant Integrated Resource for Protein Recognition Studies $148,828 Lawrence KS 0 0
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