Awards in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Fort Leavenworth is $3,242,109.75

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Repair Housing Service Office and construct new bathrooms and storage area Dodge Hall, Building 268 $66,191 Fort Leavenworth KS 0 0
Contract Paint and Repair Exterior of OMA Buildings: Bldg 53-TRISA, Bldg 100-BOQ, Bldg 303-MWR WAREHOUSE, Bldg 55-DICKINSON HALL, Bldg 345-PATCH COMM $205,266 Fort Leavenworth KS 3 0
Contract Perform repairs on HVAC in building 45 and 72, relocate pipe threader in building 72 at another location, DDC Control… $1,768,558 Fort Leavenworth KS 0 0
Contract Asphalt repairs McPherson Ave from East end of Old USDB to West Warehouse Rd. Proj No. MR00008-1P, Ft. Leavenworth, KS $530,000 Fort Leavenworth KS 15 0
Contract Asphalt repairs, Harney Gym and Bowling Area Road. Proj No. MR32001-8P $267,500 Fort Leavenworth KS 10 0
Grant Impact Aid School Construction Formula Grants, Recovery Act $404,595 Fort Leavenworth KS 2 0