Awards in Bloomington, Indiana

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Bloomington is $18,620,110.89

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Boat equipment $706 Bloomington IN 1 -7
Grant Head Start ARRA Expansion $262,327 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Children's perception of foreign-accented speech $178,942 Bloomington IN 1 -3
Grant Evaluation of zinc homeostasis mechanisms in Streptococcus pneumoniae $47,210 Bloomington IN 1 1
Grant New Ion Mobility/Photodissociation Techniques for Analyzing Glycans $496,310 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Untangling Racial and Gender Disparities in Health and Well-Being in the United States 1972-2008 $32,200 Bloomington IN 0 -3
Grant Barriers to Correct Condom Use $221,355 Bloomington IN 1 -93
Grant Regulation of pHi and Fluid Flux in Corneal Endothelium $385,000 Bloomington IN 0 -2
Grant Phase Transitions and the Properties of Liquid Nanoclusters $560,880 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Mechanisms of Spindle Assembly $77,527 Bloomington IN 1 0
Grant Affordable Housing Assistance $829,413 Bloomington IN 5 -1
Grant Regulation of Yersinia Type III Secretion by YopK $183,277 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Telephone screening test for hearing impairment, using three digit sequences in noise. $35,286 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant CAREER: Computational and statistical genomics of gene families $1,003,333 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Developing the Skills for Learning Language - Revised $467,071 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Theoretic Studies in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Climate Dynamics $303,125 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant CAREER: Computational Protein Function Annotation for Metagenomics $520,810 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Asymmetric Power in Paired Common Pool and Public Good Games: Experiments, Institutions, and Behavior $389,628 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant Monocular Distance Perception for Reaching and Grasping $226,480 Bloomington IN 0 0
Grant 'the sensorimotor dynamics of naturalistic child-parent interaction and word learning' $452,151 Bloomington IN 0 0
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