Awards in Indianapolis, Indiana

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Indianapolis is $2,568,386,483.56

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant State Fiscal Stabilization Fund-Education Fund $625,982,529 Indianapolis IN 13,232 -8
Grant 2009 CCDFS $42,764,321 Indianapolis IN 0 -5
Grant East Africa IEDEA Regional Consortium $784,312 Indianapolis IN 0 -4
Grant Ethanol and nicotine co-abuse: cross sensitization of their reinforcing actions $1,348,982 Indianapolis IN 0 -3
Grant Arts and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 $323,000 Indianapolis IN 0 -3
Contract Construction management services to exercise the construction phases services option for the renovation and moderization of the Birch Bayh Federal… $62,459,509 Indianapolis IN 3 -3
Grant Animal Models to Study Iron Homeostasis $189,125 Indianapolis IN 1 -2
Grant Disparities in sexually transmitted infection among young women: Role of individual- and community-level exposures to incarceration and crime $199,525 Indianapolis IN 0 -2
Contract Provide architectural and engineering services for ARRA energy and water conservation measures. Work includes meetings, site visits, calculations, reports, drawings… $3,965,215 Indianapolis IN 0 -2
Contract Through this contract we provided training and technical support for people using or needing access to digital television converter boxes $165,000 Indianapolis IN 8 -2
Contract IBM received $756,000 to support CBP / Office of Finance / Facility Managament and Engineering Directorate implementating a Commercial Of… $756,000 Indianapolis IN 4 -2
Contract The Project Award includes $35,500,000 for Construction Phase Services for the GS-05P-08-GBC-0005 Fire/Life Safety and HVAC Modernization for the Minton… $43,160,252 Indianapolis IN 0 -2
Grant Long Term Effects of Acute Renal Failure $86,240 Indianapolis IN 0 -1
Grant Speedway Police Department Public Safety Camera Initiative $61,226 Indianapolis IN 0 -1
Grant Poxvirus modulation of Immune Responses $1,542,638 Indianapolis IN 4 -1
Grant High-Performance Biocompatible Cement System with Permanent Antibacterial Function $398,384 Indianapolis IN 0 -1
Grant IHCDA WAP ARRA Award $131,847,383 Indianapolis IN 0 -1
Contract ARRA - Capital Improvement Program $431,300 Indianapolis IN 0 -1
Grant The City of Indianapolis and Marion County Employment & Re-Entry Programs, Criminal Justice Improvements, Juvenile Justice Programs, Offender Services and Administration. $6,419,443 Indianapolis IN 8 -1
Contract Construction Management (Agency) Services for Renovation and Modernizationof the Birch Bayh Federal Building and US Courthouse in Indianapolis, IN Project… $2,098,963 Indianapolis IN 0 -1
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