Awards in Urbana, Illinois

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Urbana is $56,032,978.54

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Supplemental Architect/Engineering Services: Re-Commissioning Report and Construction Document Delivery $104,951 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant FAP 709 $970,051 Urbana IL 5 0
Grant FAI 74 $3,421,383 Urbana IL 7 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Investigating Supercell/Tornado Genesis, Structure and Evolution Using Observations and Numerical Models $1,010,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant CI-Logon: Secure Access to National-Scale CyberInfrastructure $399,837 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Co-Transcriptional Recruitment and Activity of the Spliceosomal snRNPs $300,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant CAREER: Integrating Biomaterials and Biology for Control of Cell Function in 3D Matrices $500,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Identifying Design Principles for Engineered Ecosystems: Denitrifying Biofilters for Sustainable Agriculture $401,080 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant REVSYS: Reclassification of the Leafhopper Subfamily Deltocephalinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) with Emphasis on the Polyphylectic Tribe Athysanini $278,282 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: High Pressure Calibration at High Temperatures $201,663 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Development of DNA Catalysts for Synthetic Chemistry $455,500 Urbana IL 2 0
Grant Contributions of Dynamic Processes to RNA Protein Complex Formation $453,458 Urbana IL 1 0
Grant Customized Load-Bearing Scaffolds Using Multiscale Porosity and Multi-Material Domains $437,576 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Head Start-Full Year Part Day $285,806 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Nanomechanics of Intercellular Adhesion $309,748 Urbana IL 1 -1
Grant Simulating Thermopower in Mott-Hubbard Materials $416,360 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Noncommutative Hardy Spaces and Littlewood-Paley Theory $110,951 Urbana IL 1 -1
Grant NetSE: Medium: A Data Mining Approach to Diagnostic Debugging in Sensor Networks $1,001,565 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Nonlinearities in the Arctic Climate System During the Holocene $120,784 Urbana IL 0 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Development of an Additive Selection Criteria Based on Interface Complexions $250,000 Urbana IL 0 0
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