Awards in Urbana, Illinois

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Urbana is $56,032,978.54

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Supplemental Architect/Engineering Services: Re-Commissioning Report and Construction Document Delivery $104,951 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Global/Local System Identification of Strongly Nonlinear Dynamical Systems $269,059 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Nonlinear Dispersive PDE $231,217 Urbana IL 1 0
Grant Combating Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria $299,524 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Research in Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations $270,321 Urbana IL 2 -1
Grant Synthesis and Study of Amphotericin B Derivatives $84,971 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant The Distribution of the Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms and Arithmetic Applications $83,651 Urbana IL 1 -1
Grant Neuropeptidomics of Clock to Clock Coupling $491,863 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Extremal Hypergraphs, Codes, Designs and Combinatorial Geometry $518,573 Urbana IL 2 -1
Grant Green Street Project $125,097 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: The Analysis and Simulation of Biologically Active Suspensions $290,403 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Gene Specific Epigenetic Programming of WNT Signaling Pathway by Dietary Soy $39,067 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant RI: Medium Collaborative Research: Minimalist Mapping and Monitoring $432,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Controlling Bacterial Biofilms in Cystic Fibrosis Airways $290,675 Urbana IL 3 0
Grant Coordinated Pricing and Inventory Management $288,696 Urbana IL 1 0
Grant RI: Medium: Collaborative Research: Physically Grounded Object Recognition $416,000 Urbana IL 1 0
Grant NEESR-CR: Hybrid Masonry Seismic Structural Systems $1,226,982 Urbana IL 0 1
Grant Early Concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) Dynamic Traffic Equilibrium Problems: Distributed Alogrithms and Error Analysis $200,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant (Voss) A Comparative Study of Virtual R&D Organizations: A Socio-technical Systems Analysis $200,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant FAI 74 $3,421,383 Urbana IL 7 -1
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