Awards in Urbana, Illinois

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Urbana is $56,032,978.54

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Supplemental Architect/Engineering Services: Re-Commissioning Report and Construction Document Delivery $104,951 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant TC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Unification Laboratory: Increasing the Power of Cryptographic Protocol Analysis Tools $240,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Image-Based Characterization and Multi-Scale Modeling of Bone $301,350 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Discovery Design and Development of Phosphonic Acid Antibiotics $476,276 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Cell Fate Determination in Fetal Testis $374,020 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant PPK Dependent Acidcalcisome-Like Granules Polyphosphates and Heliocobacter $71,826 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Contributions of Dynamic Processes to RNA Protein Complex Formation $453,458 Urbana IL 1 0
Grant Molecular Regulation for FXR Activity $317,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Head Start-Full Year Part Day $285,806 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Chemotactic Sensory Transduction in Bacillus Subtillis $73,815 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Simulating Thermopower in Mott-Hubbard Materials $416,360 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Structures of Protein Aggregates By Solid-State NMR $185,550 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant NetSE: Medium: A Data Mining Approach to Diagnostic Debugging in Sensor Networks $1,001,565 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Polarization and Directed Cell Movements in Engineered Cellular Environments $183,171 Urbana IL 2 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Development of an Additive Selection Criteria Based on Interface Complexions $250,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Determining gene targets and pathways for primate specific zinc fingers proteins $302,990 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Mesoscale Vegetation-Atmosphere Feedbacks $249,148 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant Hormone Regulated Pathways Controlling Implantation and Fertility $282,602 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant CSR: Small: Green Farms: Towards a Stable Energy Optimization Architecture for Data Centers $420,000 Urbana IL 0 0
Grant City Building Complex LED Lamp Retrofit $182,500 Urbana IL 0 0
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