Awards in Chicago, Illinois

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Chicago is $1,360,904,875.74

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract This lighting study is being prepared to serve as a basis for design recommendations for the replacement of the existing… $9,041 Chicago IL 0 -2
Contract Provide general technical support in railroad operations to assist RDV in reviewing ARRA high speed rail grant applications $99,000 Chicago IL 0 -3
Contract The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) has allocated funding for the design and modernization of the 10… $2,144,993 Chicago IL 1 -3
Contract A/E will provide Package 3 for the St. Elizabeth West Campus Project in Washington, D.C. Also, A/E will provide A/E… $2,652,057 Chicago IL 1 -1
Contract New Access Point $1,300,000 Chicago IL 7 -6
Contract Provide general technical support in railroad operations to assist RDV in reviewing ARRA high speed rail grant applications $99,000 Chicago IL 0 0
Contract Remove and replace roof sections at the Pulasi federal Archives to provide new roof with multiyear warranty and improved insulation… $859,140 Chicago IL 0 0
Contract Provide all necessary plant, facilities, labor, transportation, materials, and equipment to fabricate and install 4 new curved structural steel sector… $14,752,000 Chicago IL 2 0
Contract Owner's Construction Representative services for the Modernization of the 10W. Jackson, 18 W. Jackson, and 230 S. State Street Project,… $472,064 Chicago IL 0 0
Contract The project utilizes ARRA funding to improve the energy performance, function, and aesthetic quality of the John C. Kluczynski Federal… $10,684,190 Chicago IL 23 0
Contract This project will conduct a number of engineering analysis in order to evaluate potential measures to reduce the risk of… $148,202 Chicago IL 0 0
Contract Increased Demand for Services (provide additional outreach health care services to individuals experiencing homelessness) $323,221 Chicago IL 3 0
Contract Capital Improvement Program $1,097,840 Chicago IL 0 -9
Contract Planning and designing for the recommissioning and retro-commissioning of the existing US Courthouse Building in order to improve the energy… $150,360 Chicago IL 3 0
Contract Project is to remove and replace approximately 48,000 SF of deteroriated roof system and install new cool roof system meeting… $2,461,717 Chicago IL 0 -5
Contract The goal of the base contract work is to improve the energy efficiency of federal buildings and minimize their environmental… $1,327,083 Chicago IL 9 0
Contract The primary purpose of this project is to install an array of solar panels on the roof of the Bean… $5,137,748 Chicago IL 9 -6
Contract Perform levee safety periodic inspections on 19 separable levee systems located within the Upper Mississippi River Basin in the St.… $1,173,249 Chicago IL 0 -1
Contract The Project is divided into two phases. A lighting study and the design of the United States Postal Service Loop… $49,672 Chicago IL 1 0
Contract Advanced Metering System-Project Development and Project Management for Various Locations Within Region 5, Great Lakes Region $459,432 Chicago IL 0 -1
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