Awards in Honolulu, Hawaii

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Honolulu is $614,869,953.04

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities $2,398,294 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant Multiethnic Cohort Study of Diet and Cancer $287,319 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant State of Hawaii Department of Education Office of Hawaii Child Nutrition Programs (OHCNP) NSLP Equipment Assistance Grants $348,600 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant Imi Hale Native Hawaiian Cancer Network $200,000 Honolulu HI 1 0
Grant Programs Funded Under the Workforce Investment Act $6,313,624 Honolulu HI 126 0
Grant ARRA Congregate Nutrition Services $325,000 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant Effects of sea level on wave-driven inundation for reef-fringed shorelines $1,584,380 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant Dynamin: Ligand Interactions and Conformational Dynamics $98,000 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant Effect of Melt Supply on MORB Compositions at Local and Regional Scales $356,191 Honolulu HI 0 0
Contract Boiler Controls Installation and Testing, Installation Report, and Crew Training $107,072 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases - ARRA - HAI $429,587 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant EAGER Collaborative Research: The Basalt-Hosted Biosphere Observatory at North Pond, Advanced Instrumentation for Transformative Science $147,686 Honolulu HI 0 0
Contract retrofit existing lights with energy efficient lamps $286,870 Honolulu HI 1 0
Grant Collaborate Research: Modified Circumpolar Deep Water Intrusions as an Iron Source to the Summer Ross Sea Ecosystem $377,634 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant Title II, Part D -- Enhancing Education Through Technology $3,209,375 Honolulu HI 0 0
Contract Repair Aircraft Arresting Systems, Runway 4R and 8R $784,138 Honolulu HI 10 0
Grant Research on Distributed Electricity Systems Resources, Amdt 001 $5,548,585 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant ARRA - Increased Services to Health Centers $343,984 Honolulu HI 5 0
Contract Provide all labor, materials, and equipment to install Misc HVAC and lighting repair, Bldg 1006, WAAF, HI $395,441 Honolulu HI 0 0
Grant CSEDI Collaborative Research: Influence of Grain-Size Evolution on Global and Regional Mantle Flow and Upper Mantle Seismic Structure $198,950 Honolulu HI 0 0
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