Awards in Moody A F B, Georgia

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Moody A F B is $17,951,982.05

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Design and Construct a new Child Development Center (CDC) at Moody Air Force Base, GA. $10,637,383 Moody A F B GA 0 -2
Contract Repair roof on Bldg 932 $1,752,082 Moody A F B GA 0 0
Contract Concrete Breaking of Existing Pavement $6,490.00 and Pavement Markings (estimated quantity) $4,287.50. $1,558,886 Moody A F B GA 0 -1
Contract Furnish plant, labor, equipment, material, supervision and all else necessary to perform work required by this SABER ID/IQ contract to… $1,513,825 Moody A F B GA 9 1
Contract FIRE SUPRESSION SYSTEM $772,012 Moody A F B GA 2 0
Contract Repair Electrical U/G Georgia Street/Mitchell Blvd. $521,428 Moody A F B GA 0 0
Contract Repair Electrical Robbins Road $516,681 Moody A F B GA 8 0
Contract Repair of Non-Potable Water lines $420,925 Moody A F B GA 0 0
Contract AE Actions Required During Conduct of the Task Order (TO) Scope of Work (SOW); (1) Updated Progress Chart. An updated… $190,000 Moody A F B GA 0 0
Contract adding lean-to on existing bldg $68,761 Moody A F B GA 0 0