Awards in Athens, Georgia

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Athens is $30,124,844.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Stress and Drug Use Vulnerability in Rural African Americans $241,047 Athens GA 0 -3
Grant Arts and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 $50,000 Athens GA 0 -2
Grant Role of inflammation in manganese neurotoxicity: molecular mechanisms $358,812 Athens GA 0 -1
Grant An Animal Model of Therapeutic Self-Medication for Neuropathic Pain $496,068 Athens GA 0 -1
Grant Development of a Transfection System for Trypanosome Mitochondria $74,166 Athens GA 1 -1
Grant Meals on Wheels Volunteers as Health Literacy Coaches for Older Adults $497,018 Athens GA 0 -1
Grant ARRA of 2009 Strengthening Communities Fund Nonprofit Capacity Building Program $1,000,000 Athens GA 0 0
Grant Signaling GPI-phosphilipase C of a Trypanosome $217,183 Athens GA 2 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Outwelling from Salt Marshes $166,487 Athens GA 0 0
Grant Genetics of Cell Cycle Regulators in C. elegans $304,254 Athens GA 2 0
Grant Non-Coding RNPs: From RNA Modification to Genome Defense $284,128 Athens GA 0 0
Grant Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission Rehabilitation of Five NRCS Watershed Dams $550,000 Athens GA 1 0
Grant Cocaine-Induced Metaplasticity in the Hippocampus $185,625 Athens GA 0 0
Grant Molecular & Biological Characterization of Trypanosoma cruzi from United States $222,750 Athens GA 0 0
Grant 'G-SELC: A New Global Optimization Technique Using Genetic Algorithms, Tabu Search, and Gaussian Processes' $100,000 Athens GA 1 0
Grant Function of mRNA Editing in Trypanosomes $34,452 Athens GA 0 0
Grant 'Collaborative Research: Iron limitation, carbon metabolism and siderophore production in marine bacteria - a systems biology approach' $134,382 Athens GA 0 0
Grant Tumor Glycomics Laboratory for Discovery of Pancreatic Cancer Markers $307,166 Athens GA 1 0
Grant Research Resource for Integrated Glycotechnology $1,944,069 Athens GA 1 0
Grant Macroscopic Electronic and Electrochemical Properties of Networks of Purified SWNTs. $564,036 Athens GA 1 0
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