Awards in Melbourne, Florida

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Melbourne is $23,106,379.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract The purpose of the project is to design and provide construction management services for the FY 09 Clinic Alternation, 45th… $14,779,557 Melbourne FL 1 -4
Grant Collaborative Research: Climate Change and Predatory Invasion of the Antarctic Marine Environment $453,531 Melbourne FL 0 -2
Grant Housing Authority of Brevard County $1,279,066 Melbourne FL 0 -2
Grant ARRA- Capital Improvement Program $538,610 Melbourne FL 0 -1
Grant HPRP Grant $644,208 Melbourne FL 0 -1
Grant Development of EECS $135,000 Melbourne FL 2 -1
Grant JAG 09 Recovery Act Hiring Project $331,856 Melbourne FL 0 0
Grant Trinity Towers West $74,542 Melbourne FL 21 0
Grant Federal Work Study $99,368 Melbourne FL 5 0
Grant Spain Outfall Drainage Basin Phase I $150,772 Melbourne FL 0 0
Grant 5-Oxo-ETE Antagonist, A Novel Asthma Therapy $409,142 Melbourne FL 2 0
Grant Implementation of a Comprehensive Strategy Plan. $200,000 Melbourne FL 0 0
Grant Collaborative Proposal: Resolved Mid-IR Observations and Modeling of AGN and their Hosts $178,904 Melbourne FL 1 0
Grant Rehabilitate Taxiway 'A' and Connectors; Rehabilitate Runway 9R-27L Lighting; Replacement of PAPI for Runway 5-23 $3,050,000 Melbourne FL 10 0
Grant Shull Manor Apartments $232,440 Melbourne FL 2 0
Grant NUE: Creating a Hands-On Nanoscience and Technology Minor $199,971 Melbourne FL 16 0
Grant COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) $349,412 Melbourne FL 2 1