Awards in Gainesville, Florida

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Gainesville is $77,884,236.64

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Renal Transporters and Fetal Neuroendocrinologhy $86,063 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists $6,031,249 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant SR 121/NW 34TH ST. FROM: SR 222/NW 39TH AVE TO: US 441 $1,000,000 Gainesville FL 0 1
Grant Collaborative research: Unidentified Galactic TeV Sources: Neutron Star Connection $252,489 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant One Stop Homeless Assistance Center (GRACE Marketplace) $371,003 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant City of Gainesville, FL Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention and Technology Enhancement Project $448,816 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant OJJDP FY 09 Recovery Act Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program Grants Program $727,108 Gainesville FL 2 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Genome evolution in natural populations and synthetic lines of allopolyploids in Tragopogon (Asteraceae) $398,794 Gainesville FL 1 0
Grant Career: Population genetics of Pediculus humanus using coalescent approaches with multi-locus data. $934,498 Gainesville FL 0 -2
Grant Further Refinement of India's Proterozoic Paleogeography and Geochronology. $188,090 Gainesville FL 1 1
Grant Geodynamically relevant anisotropic tomography. $148,786 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant Pharmacotoxicology of trichloroethylene Metabolites $15,341 Gainesville FL 1 0
Grant Predicting cognitive inconsitency from physical activity and sleep in late-life $31,663 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant Career: Uncerstanding molecular networks controlling plant glucosinolate metabolism $675,973 Gainesville FL 1 0
Grant Genetic Variation of Allele-Specific Transcriptions in Drosophila $387,696 Gainesville FL 2 0
Grant Dynamic Euaryotic Replication $233,860 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant Federal Work-Study $74,430 Gainesville FL 4 0
Grant An animal model of parental care: Manipulating social environments with V1aR-RNAi $201,004 Gainesville FL 0 0
Grant Sleep in cardiac patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) $139,721 Gainesville FL 0 0
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