Awards in Tallahassee, Florida

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Tallahassee is $4,372,531,376.72

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Head Start 2009 ARRA COLA Quality Improvement Funding $160,258 Tallahassee FL 0 -4
Grant FSU Early Head Start - Gadsden ARRA Qi and Cola $50,833 Tallahassee FL 0 0
Grant National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Renewal $5,000,000 Tallahassee FL 0 3
Grant Bayesian Phytogenetic Diagnostics $360,462 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant Individual Reproductive Decisions: Behavioral Mechanisms $320,000 Tallahassee FL 0 -3
Grant Impact of Calibration Data on Evaluating Plausibility of Alternative Groundwater Models $105,266 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Territorial Imaginaries and Arctic Sovereignty Claims $176,061 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant MRI: Development of a 32 Tesla all Superconducting Magnet Using YBaCu307-X Coated Conductor $1,999,942 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant Political Networks: Conference and Infrastructure Development $178,236 Tallahassee FL 0 2
Grant Learning To Teach for Equity in Science and Mathematics Classrooms: The Florida State University Noyce Scholarship Program $726,260 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant VOSS: Virtual Scientific Teams: Life-Cycle Formation and Long-Term Scientific Collaboration $380,226 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant Florida AmeriCorps Competitive Recovery $500,091 Tallahassee FL 0 -2
Grant Florida Community Fuels Management Program Phase 2 $6,281,000 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant A Mathematical Study of the Biochemical and Electrical Dynamics of Pancreatic Islets $237,549 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant GEOTRACES Atlantic Section: Aerosol and Rainfall Collection and Analysis $300,475 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant Florida AmeriCorps State Programs $1,771,441 Tallahassee FL 0 -1
Grant COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) $910,725 Tallahassee FL 0 0
Grant Florida Regional Longleaf Pine Restoration Initiative and Fuel Reduction $1,742,000 Tallahassee FL 0 0
Grant Trait Fear and Disinhibition in Impulse Control Disorders $496,383 Tallahassee FL 0 0
Grant State Clean Diesel Grant (B) $1,730,000 Tallahassee FL 0 0
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