Awards in Washington, Washington, D.C.

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington is $2,821,405,961.05

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract An ad hoc expert committee, the Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines, will review the epidemiological, clinical, and biological… $696,812 Washington DC 0 -1
Contract Provide support to the Dept of Energy to ensure timely completion of Section 106 compliance for EERE programs. $165,200 Washington DC 1 -1
Contract Construction Management and Commissioning Management Services for Phases 2 and 3 of the Modernization of the US Department of Commerce… $6,493,366 Washington DC 0 -1
Grant Community Services Block Grant Program/ARRA $16,427,550 Washington DC 7 -1
Grant SFSF: Education Stabilization Fund $48,983,997 Washington DC 141 -1
Grant Buses(47), vans(74), station upgrades $182,478,396 Washington DC 2 -1
Contract Meridian Hill Park is part of Rock Creek Park located at 16th and Euclid Street in Washington, DC. The High… $147,980 Washington DC 1 0
Contract Technical and Business Strategies for the Loan Guarantee Program Office $129,000 Washington DC 1 0
Contract Providing Energy Assurance Technical Assistance to LEAP Cities $1,100,000 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Delivery of various VMware licenses and support to the recipient. $728,482 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Contractor shall provide all materials, labor, and supervision necessary to prepare a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) with three NPS reviews,… $199,998 Washington DC 0 0
Contract The scope of this task order is to provide services related to developing a single enterprise-wide IT cyber security environment… $1,363,018 Washington DC 2 0
Contract Construction / Rehab Projects for Potomac Job Corps Center. In procurement phase. $470,939 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Planning, internal control testing and reporting of financial statement audit and FISCAM review - expanded audit scope. $518,933 Washington DC 1 0
Contract Contractor shall provide NOAA Line Offices and Corporate Service Office project management support for its PMO activities, advising implementation issues,… $79,980 Washington DC 2 0
Contract The purpose of this contract is to provide acquisition and contract support services to the division of procurement and grants… $123,696 Washington DC 3 0
Contract Demolition and removal of hazardous waste in building. $2,682,344 Washington DC 23 0
Contract This contract is to provide application processing support to EBSA’s COBRA Premium Assistance Denial Appeals Processing Center for individuals who… $764,861 Washington DC 11 0
Contract Project Management support, including but not limited to, providing the following support for overarching services: develop and maintain a Work… $225,000 Washington DC 2 0
Contract Update The Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) $129,580 Washington DC 0 0
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