Awards in Washington, Washington, D.C.

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington is $2,821,405,961.05

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Conduct a study to determine the impact of the of the increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits made available… $349,987 Washington DC 0 -2
Contract Communication and Social Marketing to Promote Seasonal and Emergent Influenza Immunization for Hispanics $882,991 Washington DC 1 -2
Contract Employment placement of an Administrative Officer to provide all of the administrative and program support functions for the ARRA Division. $88,733 Washington DC 1 0
Contract The purpose of this procurement is to obtain the services of a broadband industry consultant to implement the statutory requirements… $27,935,751 Washington DC 47 -1
Contract Onsite construction inspection, special inspections, administration of the constructioin contract, office services and site visits. The NAMA 128232 construction contract… $677,052 Washington DC 0 1
Contract Jefferson Memorial on the National Mall The work shall be performed during the solicitation, construction, and close-out phases of the… $297,000 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Evaluation panel member tasked with reviewing applications received in response to a solicitation for grant applications (SGA). Grants awarded as… $1,800 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Provide all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision for the restoration of the exterior masonary at the Smithsonian Institution's Arts and… $739,426 Washington DC 9 0
Contract Analysis, Design, Development services for the Recovery Act Database System (RADS). Reporting and Tracking support for the FHWA Chief Financial… $688,000 Washington DC 0 -1
Contract The purpose of this award is to implement the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act requirement to recruit more than 3,300… $3,667,213 Washington DC 0 -1
Contract Provide all supervision, labor, material and equipment for Removal and Replacement of the Fire Protection in the Visitor Center and… $984,320 Washington DC 14 -1
Contract Re/Retro Commissioning of GSA buildings in GSA Region 4 $710,012 Washington DC 0 0
Contract NZP Rock Creek Police Station and Outlying buildings $267,016 Washington DC 15 -2
Contract Overall contract is to complete the design and construction of the core and shell of the new U.S. Coast Guard… $162,184,000 Washington DC 0 0
Contract ARRA MAIN STATE PHASE 1C DESIGN and COMMISSIONING Construction Management Services for the Design of Phase 1C Demolition, Abatement and… $348,864 Washington DC 0 -1
Contract Provide assistance consisting of mission-oriented business consulting services in support of FRA's Passenger and Freight Rail Grants Management Programs, with… $1,607,769 Washington DC 0 -1
Contract Add additional Independent Validation and Verification Services. Reviews of the Phase I 2009 financial statement reestimate models. $51,775 Washington DC 1 0
Contract The contractor shall perform Recovery Act adaptive maintenance on the FDM, HFCRS, and PSCRS software, including the respective interface software,… $555,059 Washington DC 2 0
Contract A system enhancement to GAPS and e-Grants/e-Application is needed to support the new requirements resulting from stimulus funds appropriated for… $38,520 Washington DC 0 -1
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