Awards in Washington, Washington, D.C.

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington is $2,821,405,961.05

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Recovery Act Capital Program- National Railroad Passenger Corporation Grants $1,293,525,000 Washington DC 779 -119
Contract The National Research Council (NRC), as the operating arm of the National Academies, will provide the overall scientific and technical… $9,000,000 Washington DC 0 -5
Contract Regulatory Advisor for the Office for Civil Rights $570,000 Washington DC 1 -5
Grant Worker Health and Safety Training Cooperative Agreement $265,136 Washington DC 0 -4
Grant American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Rail and Transit Security Grant Program - Law Enforcement $6,343,500 Washington DC 0 -4
Contract Provide webcast support suitable for a major town hall forum type presence, email support, and the use of existing social… $400,000 Washington DC 0 -3
Contract Conduct moderization activities as various Public Housing Communities. This funding can be expected to result in providing employment for architects… $70,142 Washington DC 2 -3
Contract The purpose of this modification is to: 1) ADD funding for Architect/Engineering Design Services on Phase 2 of the Mary… $1,700,000 Washington DC 0 -3
Contract Contract Support for the Office of Contracting & Personal Property Management $152,000 Washington DC 1 -2
Contract Conduct a study to determine the impact of the of the increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits made available… $349,987 Washington DC 0 -2
Contract Communication and Social Marketing to Promote Seasonal and Emergent Influenza Immunization for Hispanics $882,991 Washington DC 1 -2
Contract NZP Rock Creek Police Station and Outlying buildings $267,016 Washington DC 15 -2
Grant SCSEP-American Recovery Act (Stimulus) $18,176,224 Washington DC 0 -2
Contract Two tasks in support of the US DOE Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System (STRIPES) 1) Maintenance of Operating Environment –… $500,000 Washington DC 3 -2
Contract This is the 1st part of the 4th Phase of a multi-phase renovation program for the modernization program for the… $16,575,000 Washington DC 5 -2
Contract Computer Servers and Storage for Dept of Labor $1,799,996 Washington DC 2 -2
Contract The main objective of this project is to extend the work that was begun as part of the Employee Information… $5,450,540 Washington DC 11 -2
Contract Tenant Representative Services for the 1800 F Street project in Washington, DC. The primary responsibility will include but isnot be… $276,824 Washington DC 1 -2
Contract Develop and execute grant accrual and estimated liability methodology for Recovery Act funds. Task 1: Analyze Requirements for Grants Using… $187,499 Washington DC 1 -2
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