Awards in Washington, Washington, D.C.

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington is $2,821,405,961.05

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Communication and Social Marketing to Promote Seasonal and Emergent Influenza Immunization for Hispanics $882,991 Washington DC 1 -2
Grant Community Development Block Grant-Recovery (CDBG-R) $4,896,122 Washington DC 0 0
Grant Community Service Employment Funded Through The Senior Community Service Employment Program Authorized by the Older Americans Act. $3,602,648 Washington DC 3 0
Grant Community Services Block Grant Program/ARRA $16,427,550 Washington DC 7 -1
Grant Community Services Block Grant/ARRA $500,000 Washington DC 3 0
Grant Comparative Effectiveness of Web-based Mobile Support for the DC Tobacco Quitline $497,893 Washington DC 0 0
Grant Comparative Proteomics to Study Age-Related Myopathy $64,851 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Computer Servers and Storage for Dept of Labor $1,799,996 Washington DC 2 -2
Grant Computer Simulations of Electron Transfer Proteins $105,199 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Conduct a study to determine the impact of the of the increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits made available… $349,987 Washington DC 0 -2
Contract Conduct moderization activities as various Public Housing Communities. This funding can be expected to result in providing employment for architects… $70,142 Washington DC 2 -3
Grant Congregate Meals ARRA $325,000 Washington DC 0 -1
Grant CONGRESS PARK I $581,742 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Construction / Rehab Projects for Potomac Job Corps Center. In procurement phase. $470,939 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Construction award for Emergency Repairs for Settlement at the Jefferson Memorial Seawall. Scope of work includes removal of historic granite… $12,437,000 Washington DC 0 1
Contract Construction Management and Commissioning Management Services for Phases 2 and 3 of the Modernization of the US Department of Commerce… $6,493,366 Washington DC 0 -1
Contract Construction Management Services for the Modernization of the US Department of Interior Headquarters, Wing 2, in Washington, DC. The US… $1,342,013 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Construction Management support services for Smithsonian NZP Bridge Repairs Project $264,097 Washington DC 2 0
Contract Contract awarded to provide walk in help centers in the DC metro area. Under this contract we opened seven centers (one… $432,000 Washington DC 11 0
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