Awards in Washington, Washington, D.C.

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Washington is $2,821,405,961.05

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract To purchase 251 days of ship operations and fuel in support of the USIO expeditions $25,000,000 Washington DC 0 -1
Grant Congregate Meals ARRA $325,000 Washington DC 0 -1
Grant Community Services Block Grant Program/ARRA $16,427,550 Washington DC 7 -1
Grant SFSF: Education Stabilization Fund $48,983,997 Washington DC 141 -1
Grant Buses(47), vans(74), station upgrades $182,478,396 Washington DC 2 -1
Contract Re/Retro Commissioning of GSA buildings in GSA Region 4 $710,012 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Overall contract is to complete the design and construction of the core and shell of the new U.S. Coast Guard… $162,184,000 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Add additional Independent Validation and Verification Services. Reviews of the Phase I 2009 financial statement reestimate models. $51,775 Washington DC 1 0
Contract The contractor shall perform Recovery Act adaptive maintenance on the FDM, HFCRS, and PSCRS software, including the respective interface software,… $555,059 Washington DC 2 0
Contract Physical and Environmental Effects on the Performance of Body Armor $405,596 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Contract awarded to provide walk in help centers in the DC metro area. Under this contract we opened seven centers (one… $432,000 Washington DC 11 0
Contract Provide project management, subject matter experts, technical writers and engineering services to support SPAWAR DHS Access Control System Security Analysis… $77,231 Washington DC 3 0
Contract This contract is in support of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The contractor will provide support services to… $681,120 Washington DC 11 0
Contract Delivery of Data Domain products and maintenance to the recipient. $452,000 Washington DC 0 0
Contract To provide support for Grant System Training and User Support Services. $177,268 Washington DC 2 0
Contract Data Center Consolidation - IT Integration: The Data Center program also includes a significant IT Integration component: planning and execution… $3,363,144 Washington DC 0 0
Contract Recovery Act: Technical support services for IT. The contractor shall provide support services in analytical, engineering, business process management, planning… $1,287,701 Washington DC 5 0
Contract This contract is for architecture and engineering design services to create a Design Build Request for Proposal, bridging documents and… $3,114,215 Washington DC 2 0
Contract We operated 1 static full service Digital Television (DTV) Walk in centers and 6 DTV mobile clinics in West Central… $41,400 Washington DC 6 0
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