Awards in Waterbury, Connecticut

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Waterbury is $13,093,340.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract StayWell Health Center was awarded funds under ARRA for Capital Improvement Projects. We were funded under 4 different captial categories;… $876,325 Waterbury CT 0 -1
Grant Rental assistance payments $1,457,127 Waterbury CT 0 0
Grant EAST GATE APTS $180,350 Waterbury CT 0 0
Grant WOODLAND HILLS APARTMENTS $1,210,495 Waterbury CT 0 0
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Public Housing Modernization $1,698,361 Waterbury CT 0 0
Grant BC Countryside I LLC $392,535 Waterbury CT 2 0
Grant Inner City Homes $172,141 Waterbury CT 2 -1
Grant Robin Ridge Apartments $90,000 Waterbury CT 3 0
Grant Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program $931,128 Waterbury CT 4 0
Grant Nottingham Apartments $775,596 Waterbury CT 4 0
Grant Waterbury Eliminates Lead Hazards $3,000,000 Waterbury CT 5 -3
Contract StayWell Health Center was awarded ARRA funds in order to prepare itself to respond to the rising community-based need for… $271,184 Waterbury CT 5 0
Grant Enterprise/Abbott Apartments $739,398 Waterbury CT 6 0
Grant Community Development Block Grant Recovery Funds $608,548 Waterbury CT 71 0
Grant FY 2009 Recovery Act JAG Program $429,942 Waterbury CT 81 1
Grant Head Start/Early Head Start ARRA $260,210 Waterbury CT 122 0