Awards in New Haven, Connecticut

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by New Haven is $140,479,336.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Positive Age Sterotypes Across the Life Span $413,750 New Haven CT 0 -4
Grant The Emergence and Development of Social Group Attitudes $82,750 New Haven CT 0 -2
Grant Windsor on Main $173,196 New Haven CT 0 -1
Grant Nanoimprinting with Amorphous Metals $362,845 New Haven CT 0 -1
Grant Beyond single point GWAS: Genetics of Crohns disease in Ashkenazi Jews $499,955 New Haven CT 0 -1
Grant Building a Better AMD Mouse $248,250 New Haven CT 1 -1
Grant Understanding the Role of AMCase in Asthma $500,000 New Haven CT 0 -1
Grant Dopaminergic and Endocannabinoid Interactions in Nicotine Dependence $194,700 New Haven CT 0 -1
Grant Federal Work Study $27,943 New Haven CT 2 -1
Grant Center for Endometrial biology and endometriosis $217,517 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant Design of Safer Carbon-Based Nanomaterials: The Impact of Surface Modifications on Toxicity and Environmental Fate and Transport $330,000 New Haven CT 1 0
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program, Competitive Category 3, Gap Financing $10,000,000 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant North Street Townhouses $361,361 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Integrating Proxies and Earth System Models to Elucidate Water Cycle Dynamics: Did Global Warming Cause an Enhanced Hydrological Cycle in the Eocene? $272,660 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant Mechanisms underlying leptings attenuation of cocaine-seeking behavior in rats $35,136 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant Regulation of invadopodia Formation in Breast Cancer Cells $309,071 New Haven CT 2 0
Grant The Contribution of Protein Methylation to the Development of SLE $82,750 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant Transcriptional Atlas of Human Brain Development $5,125,775 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant Biochemical Control of Excitability in Neurons $454,680 New Haven CT 0 0
Grant Elucidating Functional Properties of Memory B cells $50,000 New Haven CT 0 0
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