Awards in Boulder, Colorado

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Boulder is $126,715,303.27

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Collaborative Research: EarthScope Facility Operations/Maintenance (FY2008-FY2013). Two Amendments to the grant are ARRA funds Amendment 5 PBO FY08 ARRA Core Funding ($1,398,276) and Amendment 6 ARRA Cascadia PBO GPS High Data Rate Upgrade ($2,500,000). $3,898,276 Boulder CO 19 -3
Grant Catamaran Court $122,864 Boulder CO 0 -2
Grant Formation of Supermassive Black Holes by Direct Collapse $500,000 Boulder CO 0 -1
Contract The David Skaggs Research Center is located at 325 Broadway in Boulder, Colorado. It is 415,000 sf. And completed in… $114,127 Boulder CO 0 -1
Grant Seasons of Change in the Arctic Environment $862,974 Boulder CO 0 -1
Grant Microfluidics-based Selection for the Optimization of Red Fluorescent Proteins $204,024 Boulder CO 0 -1
Grant Effects of Genetic Background and Gene Sharing on the Evolvability of a Promiscuous Enzyme Activity $895,017 Boulder CO 2 -1
Grant In-Situ Measurements of Stratospheric Ozone from Long Duration Balloons During Concordiasi $533,416 Boulder CO 2 -1
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Public Housing Modernization Program $627,279 Boulder CO 0 -1
Grant Atmospheric Tides and Their Effects on Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Mesosphere (ITM) Dynamics, Composition, and Structure $574,785 Boulder CO 0 -1
Grant FRG: Collaborative Rssearch: Models of Balanced Multiscale Ocean Physics for Simulation and Parameterization $805,415 Boulder CO 4 -1
Grant Application of the CAM/CARMA Aerosol Model to Simulate Smoke, Dust and Sea Salt Aerosol $1,587,712 Boulder CO 1 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: The Effects of Weathering on Bedrock Channel Erosion and Form $282,710 Boulder CO 1 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Understanding Climate-Driven Phenological Change: Observations, Adaptations, and Cultural Implications in Northeastern Siberia and Labrador/Nunatsiavut $566,517 Boulder CO 0 -1
Grant Did the First Angiosperms Lack an Embryo-Nourishing Endosperm? (An Accomplishment-Based Renewal) $500,000 Boulder CO 0 -1
Grant DNA Replication in the Gram Positive Bacterium Bacillus Subtilis $604,327 Boulder CO 1 -1
Grant Reduced Inflammatory Suppression of EDD with Habitual Exercise in Older Adults $22,422 Boulder CO 0 0
Grant NFkB Targets and Neural Crest Development $317,292 Boulder CO 3 0
Grant Physical-biological Interactions in the Fertilization Ecology of Broadcast Spawners: The Role of Gamete Tracts and Turbulence Structure $449,984 Boulder CO 0 0
Grant Quantum Information with Alkaline Earth Atoms $480,000 Boulder CO 1 0
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