Awards in Aurora, Colorado

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Aurora is $48,039,162.66

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Provide DTV outreach, demonstration, and education centers. $502,000 Aurora CO 22 -4
Grant I-70:MEDIAN CABLE RAIL INSTALL $328,632 Aurora CO 2 -2
Grant Federal Work Study $26,196 Aurora CO 2 -2
Grant Diet and Physical Activity Interactions in Obesity $758,518 Aurora CO 0 -1
Grant Gene Array Technology Center for Alcohol Research (The R-GAP) $913,423 Aurora CO 0 -1
Grant Laser Capture Microdissection Instrument Purchase $85,925 Aurora CO 0 -1
Contract Provide DTV outreach demonstration, and education centers. $272,000 Aurora CO 9 -1
Grant Youth produced videos to reduce UV exposure in adolescents $297,808 Aurora CO 0 -1
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (UL1) $557,157 Aurora CO 0 -1
Grant Pathobiology of HIV(SIV)-Induced Angioproliferative Pul* $19,256 Aurora CO 0 0
Contract Replace Light Fixtures of B429 Perimeter Lamps $69,613 Aurora CO 0 0
Grant Mechanisms of Apoptosis in the central nervous system $76,708 Aurora CO 0 0
Contract Produce design documentation to support fabrication and testing of the upgrade for the NIST thermal shield cooling system. Deliverables include:… $455,379 Aurora CO 0 0
Grant Testing the safety and efficacy of inhibitory RNA mediated purine analog resistan $175,085 Aurora CO 1 0
Contract Design & fabrication of a prototype shim rod. $671,031 Aurora CO 0 0
Grant Pituitary-Specific Oncogene Signaling Mechanisms $187,665 Aurora CO 0 0
Contract Maint-Rep-Alt/Office Bldgs $596,555 Aurora CO 0 0
Contract Install Parking Lot Lighting at Bldg 347 $47,142 Aurora CO 0 0
Grant Power and Sample Size Methods for Mammography Trials $54,000 Aurora CO 0 0
Contract Repair Aspen St. Sidewalk Drains $14,577 Aurora CO 0 0
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