Awards in Sacramento, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Sacramento is $10,402,597,202.86

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Synthesis of Novel Water-Soluble Glycodendrimers as Anti-HIV Agents $17,664 Sacramento CA 1 0
Grant Subproject for Institution # 06-000931: UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center - UL1 $499,067 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant Mortage Fraud in Rural Aread of California Category: Category I Combating Rural Crime $1,435,904 Sacramento CA 5 1
Grant Law Enforcement Technology Research and Development: Entity Resolution and Correlation Service Project $496,113 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant FY 2009 Justice Assistance Grant Program $2,527,660 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant CDBG-R activities include a wide variety of community development projects directed towards housing, neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and the provision of improved facilities and services. $1,533,219 Sacramento CA 0 -1
Grant Sacramento County School-Based Mentoring Program $494,534 Sacramento CA 0 1
Grant Information Sharing Technical Assistance for Rural America $1,261,132 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant WIA Youth, Adult, and Dislocated Worker Formula Combined. $488,646,876 Sacramento CA 12,462 -15
Grant RUI: Application of Solid Phase Microextraction to Determine Emission Rates of Sesquiterpenes from Terrestrial Vegetation $257,795 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant CFDA Community Development Block Grants/States Program and non-Entitlement Grants in Hawaii (CDBG) (Recovery Act Funded) $10,652,033 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant Recovery Act-State Victim Compensation Formula Grant Program $8,110,055 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant Shiloh Arms Ltd $199,193 Sacramento CA 4 1
Grant Child Care and Development Block Grant $220,273,864 Sacramento CA 0 -7
Grant The Victoria Apartments $54,730 Sacramento CA 0 0
Grant Northland Village $196,119 Sacramento CA 5 0
Grant Transit Capital Assistance $33,963,166 Sacramento CA 0 -1
Grant Vocational Rehabiliation Services $56,470,213 Sacramento CA 13 0
Grant Airport Checked Baggage Inspection System - SacramentoTerminal B $11,340,000 Sacramento CA 0 -1
Grant Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP) (Recovery Act Funded) $325,877,114 Sacramento CA 0 -5
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