Awards in Klamath, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Klamath is $2,161,464.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant #5176 - Triplex $660,018 Klamath CA 1 0
Grant Ke'Pel Water Treatment Monitoring $67,000 Klamath CA 0 0
Grant Child Care and Development Fund $129,221 Klamath CA 0 0
Grant Ke'pel/Nochco Water Supp. ph2 $198,000 Klamath CA 0 0
Grant REQUA-Water Sys Supp. ph2 $60,000 Klamath CA 0 0
Grant ARRA COLA & Qualtiy Improvement $29,775 Klamath CA 0 0
Grant Roads Maintenance $435,000 Klamath CA 2 0
Grant Requa Water Main Extension $54,500 Klamath CA 0 0
Grant Lower Klamath Tributaries Riparian Restoration Projects and Tribal Native Plant Nursery $527,950 Klamath CA 1 0