Awards in Berkeley, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Berkeley is $284,314,217.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant SHF: Small: Programming Abstractions for Algorithmic Software Synthesis $500,000 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Phylogeny, Diversification, and Evolutionary Trajectories in the Terebinthaceae (Anacardiaceae and Burseraceae) $184,434 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras, Quantum Groups and their Applications $326,944 Berkeley CA 1 0
Grant Collaborative Research: A Southern Hemispheric Perspective on Holocene Climate Variability Based on Mountain Glacial Chronologies $75,980 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Upgrading the Broadband and Borehole Seismic Networks Operated by the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley $721,000 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Androgens, Estrogens and the Active Nature of Feminine Reproductive Development $854,753 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Lateral Mixing and Dispersion on the Inner Shelf $388,396 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Federal Work Study $538,083 Berkeley CA 15 0
Grant Physics and Astrophysics with IceCube Neutrino Observatory $708,000 Berkeley CA 4 0
Grant A Model to Study Human TLR9 Function in Mice $182,814 Berkeley CA 1 0
Grant Improving the Health of Cambodian American Women: A CBPR Approach $534,144 Berkeley CA 0 -1
Grant Community Mapping of Environmental Hazards and Barriers in an Immigrant Population $499,708 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Effects of the Systemic Environment on Muscle Aging $185,353 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Regulation of Drosophila Epithelial Polarity $230,776 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Modeling the Evolution and Function of Drosophila cis-Regulatory Modules $184,737 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Biological Response Indicators of Environmental Stress Centers $81,347 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Digital Instrumentation for the Radio Astronomy Community $889,822 Berkeley CA 0 -2
Grant Exploring the Radio Transient and Static Sky with the Allen Telescope Array Five GHz Sky Survey $463,926 Berkeley CA 0 0
Grant The Berkeley Archaeological XRF Laboratory Instrument Maintenance, 2009-2011 $58,667 Berkeley CA 1 1
Grant Lawrence F Moore Manor $146,590 Berkeley CA 3 0
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