Awards in Napa, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Napa is $63,244,720.45

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Atlas Peak Road and Hardman Avenue Overlay $406,472 Napa CA 14 0
Contract Construction Phase Services $334,733 Napa CA 0 -1
Contract Construction support services. $113,428 Napa CA 0 0
Contract Dry Bypass and Oxbow Model Update and Conceptual Design for Napa River/Napa Creek Flood Protection Project, Napa County, CA. Significant… $425,954 Napa CA 1 0
Contract Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant $250,000 Napa CA 0 0
Contract A conceptual design for the Dry Bypass Pump Station was provided in the Final Supplemental General Design Memorandum (GDM) with… $304,799 Napa CA 1 0
Contract Transportation: Highway Investments/Surface Transportation Program $1,600,000 Napa CA 33 0
Contract The Napa Valley Wine Train Relocation project is a flood control job designed to minimize flooding of downtown Napa, CA.… $53,998,750 Napa CA 12 4
Grant ARRA COLA/QI $529,617 Napa CA 2 0
Grant Napa County Law Enforcement Grant $203,335 Napa CA 0 0
Grant Purchase 4 hybrid buses and construct multi-modal Park and Ride Facility $2,779,727 Napa CA 0 0
Grant ARRA-Capital Improvement Program $900,090 Napa CA 0 0
Grant ARRA-Increase Services to Health Centers $408,087 Napa CA 3 0
Grant 1.CDBG-R Grant Administration 2. NEWS Family Services Advocate 3. ADA Playground Renovation $183,773 Napa CA 1 0
Grant Preventative Maintenance $157,658 Napa CA 0 0
Grant Napa Creek Manor $648,297 Napa CA 5 0