Awards in Stanford, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Stanford is $81,061,442.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant SHF: Small: Statistical Analysis of Software $499,999 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Electrically Driven Microcavity Exciton-Polariton Lasers $350,000 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Phase segregated inorganic heterstructures for low cost, high efficiency photovoltaics $325,000 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Moduli Spaces Relative Singular Divisors and Lagrangians $655,000 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant NeTS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Designing a Content-Aware Internet Ecosystem $280,000 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant EAGER: Developing a Systematic Method for Collection of Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Data for Infrastructure Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites $35,000 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant High-resolution records of atmospheric circulation and past rainfall from soils based on U-series and stable isotope SIMS approaches $355,865 Stanford CA 0 1
Grant Collaborative Research: Lateral Mixing and Dispersion on the Inner Shelf $597,394 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant RAPID: Structure of Contact Networks and the Spread of Flu-like Infectious Diseases: Implications for Dynamics and Control $103,133 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant CAM Approaches to Management of Sheep and Disease Progression in Cancer $630,379 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Computational Tools for Adaptive Radiation Therapy $243,600 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Chromium Mesoporphyrin in the Prevention of Neonatal Jaundice $362,398 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Comparative effectiveness of ART for HIV in patients with comorbidities $499,243 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Resting State Functional MRI Investigation of Hypnotic Trance and Mindfulness Med $441,653 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Resistance to Aortic Endograft Migration: Comparative Effectiveness of FDA Approv $499,991 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Molecular Imaging of Resident Cardiac Stem Cells $500,000 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Improved Estimates of the Comparative Treatment Effects of CABG and PCI $499,846 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant Stanford Mood Disorders Center: Enhancing Core Clinical Research Resources $765,800 Stanford CA 0 0
Grant The Identification and characterization of the methylation of Retinablastoma $30,666 Stanford CA 0 0
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