Awards in San Diego, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by San Diego is $503,419,483.68

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract CHILD CARE CENTER 24/7 $1,925,000 San Diego CA 5 -1
Contract Advanced Metering installation and training $1,321,110 San Diego CA 0 1
Contract Recovery Project # TMA-N12 Restore aged & Deteriorated Cooling Towers, Naval Medical Center, San Diego, CA $339,118 San Diego CA 0 0
Contract Lewis & Clark Lake Headwaters Aggradation Evaluation. The closure of Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River at river mile… $352,437 San Diego CA 1 1
Contract Remove Headstones, Trench Excavation, Install Pre Cast Concrete Boxes, Pour Concrete Beam, Re-Install Headstone, Clean Headstones and Turf Renovation $2,201,960 San Diego CA 9 0
Contract Recovery: NCMP California Coastal Mapping, California Coast $7,370,909 San Diego CA 7 0
Contract IDIQ HVAC MACC Contract Recovert Project Number RM09-1452 Facility Energy Improvements (Phase 3-Boilers) $709,514 San Diego CA 1 0
Contract In an effort to reduce electrical energy consumption at MCAS Miramar the existing parking lot lights adjacent to the air… $1,381,341 San Diego CA 15 0
Contract Water Multibeam and Side Scan Sonar Survey off the California coast. $2,998,163 San Diego CA 2 1
Contract The scope of work on this facility energy improvement project for the Navy consists of the demolition and removal of… $425,613 San Diego CA 12 0
Contract Recovery Project #MI09BOILM Replace Boilers Various Facilities, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar $2,498,891 San Diego CA 1 1
Contract The Corps Water Management System (CWMS) is the automated hydrometeorologic data, modeling, and communication system used by the U.S. Army… $283,414 San Diego CA 0 1
Contract Equipment for the new physical building under construction to move all medical, dental and mental health services, as well as… $1,374,225 San Diego CA 10 -5
Contract The University of San Diego (USD) and Ocean Discovery Institute (ODI) are collaborating to develop a new generation of Ocean… $272,400 San Diego CA 0 -11
Contract Design and Construction of Renovation of Building 3204 (Angelley Hall), a 71,727 sq. ft. bachelor housing barracks. Building 3204 consists… $10,006,127 San Diego CA 0 0
Contract Increase services to extend hours to Saturdays from 9am to 2pm in two medical and two dental clinics. Increase jobs… $518,018 San Diego CA 5 -10
Contract FACILITY ENERGY IMPROVEMENTS (PHASE 3) $2,070,559 San Diego CA 5 0
Contract Appliances $264,696 San Diego CA 0 -15
Contract The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, in part directs the Government to undertake infrastructure and energy projects, the… $3,924,266 San Diego CA 52 0
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