Awards in San Diego, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by San Diego is $503,419,483.68

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Highway Infrastructure Investment $150,000 San Diego CA 0 0
Grant ARRA-Increase Services to Health Centers $151,674 San Diego CA 0 0
Contract Contract N62473-08-D-8605 Task 0013 TAS::97 00501: TAS Recover Project: # P970M: TP# Facility Energy Improvements MCLB Barstow, CA AE Services $155,548 San Diego CA 0 0
Grant ARRA: Rescue and Role of Complex I in Myocardial Ischemic Injury - Andres $157,724 San Diego CA 0 0
Grant ARRA: Clinician Promotion of Health, Diet and Activity to Reduce Obesity Among Adolescents: Predoctoral Supplement Nafissatou Cisse $158,561 San Diego CA 0 0
Grant ARRA: Bridges to the Baccalaureate $166,962 San Diego CA 0 0
Grant ARRA Minority Research Infrastructure Support Program (M-RISP) at San Diego State University $168,845 San Diego CA 0 -1
Grant Federal Work Study $180,892 San Diego CA 13 1
Grant Connecting Veterans to Customized Engineering Education $184,984 San Diego CA 0 0
Grant ARRA-Health Information Technology Implementation $191,250 San Diego CA 2 0
Grant Model-driven Media and Process Optimization in Mammalian Cell Lines? $194,459 San Diego CA 0 1
Grant Development of protease inhibitor drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease $195,997 San Diego CA 0 1
Grant New Platform for Ionic Current Measurement with Application to DNA Sequencing $198,083 San Diego CA 0 1
Grant Caveolae and Anesthetic Induced Cardiac Protection $198,240 San Diego CA 1 1
Grant ARRA: Transitioning Troops to Engineers: From Military Experience to a Civilian Engineering Career $200,000 San Diego CA 0 -1
Grant ARRA - Scholarship For Disadvantaged Students $205,216 San Diego CA 0 1
Grant Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in Geoscience (OEDG) Initiative $206,870 San Diego CA 0 0
Contract The scope of work for this project consists of the design and construction of a Mycology Pressure Lab at Naval… $216,000 San Diego CA 12 0
Grant ARRA: Generation of an ITK Biosensor Tool Box $221,775 San Diego CA 1 0
Grant ARRA: Regulation of ITK in Lung Allergy $223,013 San Diego CA 2 0
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