Awards in Pasadena, California

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Pasadena is $66,316,254.05

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract The objective of this award is to establish the information infrastructure required to bring NASA instruments, observations and scientific and… $1,950,000 Pasadena CA 0 -1
Contract The Acquarius project is being implemented jointly between NASA and the Aregentina Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE) project Satelite… $2,564,000 Pasadena CA 0 -1
Contract This effort is to establish preliminary designs for key elements of the Soil Moisture Active/Passive (SMAP) Project. SMAP is one… $2,500,000 Pasadena CA 0 -1
Contract Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) is a major 'Principal Investigator' experiment on the Earth Observing System (EOS) Aura Mission launched in… $2,694,085 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant Spatio-temporal variations of seismicity and coupling in the Himalaya $321,923 Pasadena CA 0 -1
Grant Perturbation theory for almost periodic Jacobi matrices with applications to orthogonal polynomials $96,333 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant Constraining Stellar Evolutionary Models $85,270 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant CAREER: Towards a rigorous foundation for scheduling in modern systems $400,000 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant Achieving Molecular Level Control over the Chemical, Electrochemical, and Electrical Properties of Crystalline Si Surfaces $595,000 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant The Gattini-UV South Pole camera $311,706 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant CAREER: Dissecting the Neural Mechanisms for Face Detection $850,000 Pasadena CA 0 -1
Grant CPS: Small: Random Matrix Recursions and Estimation and Control over Lossy Networks $508,094 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant EDGES: An Ultra-Clean Spectrometer for Fundamental Measurements of Cosmological Reionization and the Dark Ages $392,466 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant Collaborative research: simulation and analysis of turbulent jet noise using arbitrary-order Hermite methods $987,032 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant The Generalized Cluster Expansion: A Tool for Representing Structure-Property Relationships $306,000 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant Quantifying the Risk Posed to Tall Steel Frame Buildings in Southern California from Earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault $275,000 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH - Project 1640: Hyperspectral Imaging Survey of Nearby Stellar Environments $285,147 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Proposal: The role of convection on dynamic stability of 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations $483,056 Pasadena CA 0 -1
Grant International Collaboration in Chemistry: Enhancing Direct Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide $555,000 Pasadena CA 0 0
Grant US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section: Sample collection for iron stable isotopes $20,865 Pasadena CA 0 0
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