Awards in Tucson, Arizona

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Tucson is $157,619,103.08

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Infrastructure Improvements at the National Solar Observatory $1,400,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant COLA & QI $1,510,713 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Cherry Avenue Recreation Center Expansion $1,657,320 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Security Enhancements $1,848,700 Tucson AZ 9 0
Grant AARA Capital Fund Recovery $2,085,435 Tucson AZ 3 0
Grant Pascua Yaqui Housing Project ARRA $2,099,122 Tucson AZ 6 3
Grant ARRA-Capital Improvement Program $2,500,000 Tucson AZ 0 -1
Grant HPRP $2,534,340 Tucson AZ 5 0
Contract Repair HVAC, Multi Fac Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Multiple Buildings. Furnish plant, labor, materials and equipment necessary. Replace the… $2,999,875 Tucson AZ 0 -4
Grant ATST $3,100,000 Tucson AZ 9 -1
Grant Recovery Act JAG Program $3,100,651 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant CZO: Transformative Behavior of Water, Energy and Carbon in the Critical Zone: An Observatory to Quantify Linkages among Ecohydrology, Biogeochemistry, and Landscape Evolution $4,350,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Arizona Bioscience Park $4,700,000 Tucson AZ 0 -1
Contract Sunrise Park-Big Lake Road $4,956,800 Tucson AZ 47 0
Grant MSI: The COsmic-ray Soil Moisture Observing System (COSMOS) $5,449,995 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Infrastructure Improvements at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory $5,600,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Contract Advance the Near Infra-Red Camera development towards instrument engineering test unit delivery and flight unit assembly: - Complete Short Wave… $10,000,000 Tucson AZ 91 -1
Grant TAS::89 0227::TAS RECOVERY ACT - CENTER FOR INTERFACE SCIENCE: HYBRID SOLAR-ELECTRIC MATERIALS (CIS: HSEM) EFRC. DOE Recovery Act Project Identification Code 2005000. $13,000,000 Tucson AZ 3 -1
Grant Bus Storage and Maintenance Facility- Phase III $16,022,390 Tucson AZ 0 0
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