Awards in Tempe, Arizona

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Tempe is $40,029,666.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Supplement: CEGS: Microscale Life Sciences Center $910,150 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant Supplemental Funding: Effects of Affectionate Touch Between Spouses on Cardiovascular Stress Responses $115,141 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant System-level Design of Streaming Applications on Domain Specific Multi-core Processors $233,014 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Tempe Villa $142,884 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant The effect of trace amounts of H2O on the rates and mechanisms of olivine and enstatite phase transformations in Earth's mantle transition zone $293,851 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant The Genetic Architecture of Reproductive Caste Determination in Ants $500,000 Tempe AZ 2 0
Grant Treatment of Lexical Deficits in Young Children with SLI $130,527 Tempe AZ 1 1
Grant Understanding the Benefits of Electric-Acoustic Stimulation $184,568 Tempe AZ 0 -1
Grant Upgrade of the Multi-Anvil High-Pressure Facility at Arizona State University $125,913 Tempe AZ 0 2
Grant Using a Cognitive Framework of Differentiated Overt Learning Activities (DOLA) for Designing Effective Classroom Instruction in Materials Science and $400,000 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant Year 5: Development and Implimentation of a Materials Repository for the PSI $895,511 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant YouthBuild Guadalupe $456,292 Tempe AZ 0 0
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