Awards in Tempe, Arizona

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Tempe is $40,029,666.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant CAREER: Transformation and Transport of Organic Carbon in the Colorado River-Reservoir System $573,548 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Expanding SEINet $389,416 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant Financial Institution and Immigrant Integration in the U.S. and Canada $224,272 Tempe AZ 2 -2
Grant LES Subgrid Modeling of Liquid-Gas Phase Interface Dynamics $155,000 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Astrophysical neutrinos from MeV to TeV $375,000 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant RI: Medium: Collaborative Research: Robotic Hands: Understanding and Implementing Adaptive Grasping $236,003 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Problems Related to Graph Packing $287,040 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant NeTS:Medium:Collaborative Research: Exploiting Battery-Supply Nonlinearities in Optimal Resource Mgm $215,000 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant Sn-containing group-IV semiconductors for energy applications in photovoltaics and thermoelectricity $884,357 Tempe AZ 2 0
Grant The effect of trace amounts of H2O on the rates and mechanisms of olivine and enstatite phase transformations in Earth's mantle transition zone $293,851 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant NeTS: Small: The Impact of Message Passing Complexity on QoS Provisioning in Stochastic Wireless Networks $339,574 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant LTREB: Multi-scale effects of climate variability and change on hydrologic regimes, ecosystem function, and community structure in a desert stream... $449,298 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Upgrade of the Multi-Anvil High-Pressure Facility at Arizona State University $125,913 Tempe AZ 0 2
Grant CAREER: Cloud and fog processing of organic matter. $569,117 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant Quantifying the Effects of Groundwater and Hydrology on Trophic Structure in Desert Riparian Ecosystems $865,914 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research:Analysis and Modeling of Traffic Instabilities in Congested Traffic $145,459 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Spatial Analytical Framework for Examining Sex Offender Residency Issues Ove $209,318 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant CSR:Large:Collaborative Research:Reclaiming Moore's Law Through Ultra Energy Efficient Computing $705,507 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant System-level Design of Streaming Applications on Domain Specific Multi-core Processors $233,014 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Efficient Experimentation for Product and Process Reliability Improvement $348,315 Tempe AZ 0 0
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