Awards in Scottsdale, Arizona

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Scottsdale is $9,336,178.63

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Road Construction Project - Asphalt overlay located on various IRR routes. $727,503 Scottsdale AZ 0 0
Contract The Rio Grande Canalization Project (RGCP) consists of a narrow river corridor that extends 105.4 miles along the Rio Grande,… $214,996 Scottsdale AZ 17 0
Contract SRIR Road Restoration and Repair $18,000 Scottsdale AZ 0 0
Contract SRIR Road Repair and Restoration $201,000 Scottsdale AZ 0 0
Contract Survey, Design and Supply Fuel Storage Tanks at various Federal Aviation Locations $1,888,270 Scottsdale AZ 1 -1
Grant SRFSI Financial and Education Project $869,786 Scottsdale AZ 13 0
Grant COPS Hiring and Recovery Program (CHRP) $1,459,992 Scottsdale AZ 6 -1
Grant Eosinophil Recruitment and Activation in Solid Tumors $152,000 Scottsdale AZ 0 0
Grant Formula Capital Fund Stimulas Grant. Improvements to Low Rent Public Housing. $595,661 Scottsdale AZ 3 -1
Grant Child Care Development Fund $169,369 Scottsdale AZ 0 0
Grant Secretin Receptor Structure, Function, and Regulation $14,270 Scottsdale AZ 0 0
Grant Recovery Act: Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program $2,431,500 Scottsdale AZ 0 -1
Grant Head Start $53,054 Scottsdale AZ 0 0
Grant 'STTR Phase I: Broadband Silicon-Germanium Based Quantum Dot Materials.' $150,000 Scottsdale AZ 3 -1
Grant ADA Improvements - Eldorado Restroom and Ramp Reconstruction $312,961 Scottsdale AZ 0 0