Awards in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Tuscaloosa is $30,805,095.58

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Alabama Healthcare Consortium Network - OHIT Implementation/Planning Grant $750,000 Tuscaloosa AL 0 1
Grant ARRA - Increase Services to Health Cneters $487,163 Tuscaloosa AL 4 0
Grant ARRA Capital Fund Program $2,897,239 Tuscaloosa AL 40 0
Grant ARRA-Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students $73,941 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant BJA FY 09 Recovery Act Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Local Solicitation $572,909 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Capital Improvement Program $1,067,880 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant CAREER: An integrated analysis of torsinA, a conserved modulator of cellular homeostasis and neutonal function $753,563 Tuscaloosa AL 1 -2
Grant CAREER: Modecular Interactions of the Mitochondrial Iron-Chaperone Frataxin $697,501 Tuscaloosa AL 1 -3
Contract Close, Dewater, Inspect and Repair Bankhead and Selden Locks for Operation and Maintenance of Government Owned Facilities and Equipment, BW&T/Coosa… $1,579,327 Tuscaloosa AL 29 0
Grant Cognitive Predictors of Lanaguage Impairment in Down Syndrome $219,390 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Collaborative proposal: Shifting seasonality of Arctic river hydology alters key biotic linkages among aquatic systems $307,269 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -1
Grant Collaborative Research: Developing a Practical and Quantitative Method for Measurement of Metamorphic Porphyroblast Crystallization Kinetics and Strain Rate $163,440 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -2
Grant COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) $2,067,876 Tuscaloosa AL 0 1
Grant County of Tuscaloosa Courthouse Energy Conservation Retrofit Project $359,000 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Creekwood Village Apartments $818,376 Tuscaloosa AL 5 0
Grant Does Force or Agreement Lead or Peace?: A Collection and Analysis of Militarized Interstate Dispute (MID) Settlement, 1816 to 20001 $205,291 Tuscaloosa AL 1 -1
Contract Dredging of the Navigation Channels on the Alabama River System: Dredging (100% Pay Time) @ 725 hours, Dredging (70% Pay… $1,999,138 Tuscaloosa AL 30 0
Grant Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant $916,000 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Federal Work Study $257,214 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Federal Work-Study $37,199 Tuscaloosa AL 3 0
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