Awards in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Tuscaloosa is $30,805,095.58

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract Paint and Repair Spillway Gates at Holt (1 each) Coffeeville (2 each) and Bankhead (1 each) Lock and Dams, for… $421,637 Tuscaloosa AL 4 0
Contract Dredging of the Navigation Channels on the Alabama River System: Dredging (100% Pay Time) @ 725 hours, Dredging (70% Pay… $1,999,138 Tuscaloosa AL 30 0
Contract Require paving 46 Camp Site Pads within Forkland and Deerlick Campgrounds with Concrete, O&M of Governement Owned Facilities and Equipment,… $124,963 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Contract Requirement to Upgrade Electrical Service at Forkland and Deerlick Campgrounds to 50 AMP Service, Operation and Maintenance of Government Owned… $399,827 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -1
Contract Modernize Halls & Floors $244,780 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -2
Contract Close, Dewater, Inspect and Repair Bankhead and Selden Locks for Operation and Maintenance of Government Owned Facilities and Equipment, BW&T/Coosa… $1,579,327 Tuscaloosa AL 29 0
Contract Remove and replace all windows in Building 2 and Building 3 at the VA Mecical Center at Tuscaloosa, VA. $576,330 Tuscaloosa AL 1 0
Contract Repair and REpaint Spillway Gates and Operating Machinery, Coffeeville, Holt and Bankhead Dams, Operation and Maintenance of Government Owned Facilities… $4,609,793 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -1
Contract Replace Replace elevators Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to perform the following work at the Tuscaloosa… $63,906 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -4
Contract Install Playground Equipment Within Five (5) Campgrounds, Operation and Maintenance of Government Owned Facilities and Equipment, BWT/Alabama Coosa Project, Tuscaloosa,… $131,511 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -1
Contract Maintenance Dredging of the Upper BWT River System, Alabama: Dredging (100% Pay Time) @ 1,075 hours, Dredging (70% Pay Time)… $3,485,100 Tuscaloosa AL 100 0
Grant Head Start and Early Head Start $456,058 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -1
Grant CAREER: Modecular Interactions of the Mitochondrial Iron-Chaperone Frataxin $697,501 Tuscaloosa AL 1 -3
Grant Hox regulation of wingless expression sculpts morphogenesis of the adult Drosophila abdomen $300,000 Tuscaloosa AL 1 -3
Grant Optimally Designed Unimolecular Rectifiers $730,000 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Search for Tau Neutrinos in IceCube Data $516,000 Tuscaloosa AL 1 -3
Grant Collaborative proposal: Shifting seasonality of Arctic river hydology alters key biotic linkages among aquatic systems $307,269 Tuscaloosa AL 0 -1
Grant The Role of VP22 in Protein Synthesis and Mrna Accumulation During HSV-1 Infectio $178,844 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Low Emissions Burner Tech for Metal Processing Industry Using Byproducts/Biomass Derived Liquid Fuel $100,000 Tuscaloosa AL 0 0
Grant Alabama Healthcare Consortium Network - OHIT Implementation/Planning Grant $750,000 Tuscaloosa AL 0 1
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