Awards in Juneau, Alaska

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The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Juneau is $195,977,202.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Food Bank of Alaska Transportation of Commodities to Rural Alaska $51,750 Juneau AK 0 0
Grant State Independent Living Services, Recovery Act. $242,913 Juneau AK 0 0
Grant ARRA - State Primary Care Offices $36,135 Juneau AK 0 0
Grant Recovery Act-OVC FY09 VOCA Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program $545,000 Juneau AK 0 0
Grant LUST American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Alaska $999,000 Juneau AK 0 0
Grant Documenting Tlingit (TLI) conversations in Video and Time-Aligned Text $449,852 Juneau AK 0 1
Grant Creating jobs and promoting economic recovery at the ANDVSA $156,250 Juneau AK 1 0
Contract ARRA QI and COLA $143,940 Juneau AK 1 -2
Grant AK WIC SAM transfer system $2,487,150 Juneau AK 1 0
Grant Police Crisis Intervention Specialist $147,543 Juneau AK 1 0
Grant Sealaska Corporation energy efficency building upgrade and fossil fuel reduction project $34,200 Juneau AK 3 0
Grant REU Site in Marine and Coastal Ecology in Alaska $308,763 Juneau AK 5 0
Grant Employment Service Activities Funded Under the Wagner-Peyser Act $4,304,709 Juneau AK 6 0
Grant Preschool Grants for Children with Disabilities $1,332,736 Juneau AK 7 0
Grant 'Title II, Part D -- Enhancing Education Through Technology.' $3,209,375 Juneau AK 9 0
Grant Hazardous Fuels Mitigation in Interior Alaska $1,500,000 Juneau AK 15 0
Grant Recovery Act - Alaska Coastwide Marine Debris Cleanup and Assesment $1,012,640 Juneau AK 16 0
Grant Neighborhood Revitalization & Acquisition $3,264,566 Juneau AK 22 0
Grant Grants to states for the education of Children with Disabilities $32,956,419 Juneau AK 59 0
Grant 'Title I, Part A--Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies.' $29,449,710 Juneau AK 85 0
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