Grant: $627,660 - Forest Service - Jun. 19, 2009

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Award Description: This project is enhancing and protecting the Carson River system, and providing work opportunities for currently unemployed individuals by: Employing two teams of at least 10 individuals each to conduct the following activities: ? Map, eradiate and monitor noxious weed infestations. Treatments will include chemical, and biological methods; ? Re-vegetate areas recovering from recent fires and following weed treatments, where appropriate; ? Provide fuels reduction where necessary; ? Conduct river restoration utilizing bio engineering techniques at determined locations; and ? Plant desirable riparian vegetation for streambank stabilization, decrease noxious weeds and provide shading to aid with water quality challenges. The project is managed by the Carson Water Subconservancy District, a state agency designated as the watershed management organization for the Carson River Watershed. Monitoring and community education components are being integrated as part of this project to provide measures of success, and enhance community awareness.

Project Description: Progress includes a contract with Spherion Staffing who have hired 23 formally unemployed persons to work on the program, four crew leaders, one for each county in the project area. Area coordinators were retained from Douglas County Weed Control District, Carson Valley Conservation District, Carson City Weed Coalition, Dayton Valley Conservation District, Lahontan Conservation District and Churchill County Mosquito and Weed Abatement District. Work plans for the first session were submitted by each of the area coordinators in September. Training for the crew leaders and area coordinators was held in September and focused on overall goals of the program, proper treatment and safety procedures. On-the ground work began in Carson Valley, Carson City, Dayton Valley and Lahontan Valley in September with the emphasis on fuels reduction activities. The work crews activities included treatment and clearing of decadent noxious weed materials. In Carson Valley hand spraying of perennial pepperweed, Canada thistle, poison hemlock and other noxious weeds has been conducted on over 101 acres. In Carson City numerous acres of perennial pepperweed has been removed and over 18 acres treated. In Dayton Valley over 276 acres received spot treatments and over 3 acres of tamarisk, hoary crest, and perennial pepperweed were mechanically removed. Treatment areas are mapped and will be monitored for retreatments, and reseeding. A total of 1,262.45 hours were worked during this period with a FTE of 1.47. A file system for the program was developed as well as specific program forms to be used by program partners. Over $13,000 in equipment was purchased for the program this period. The equipment list has been provided in this reporting. CWSD and Western Nevada RC&D organized and facilitated a tour for the program leads from NDOA and the USFS in July and highlighted some of the project areas and the types of projects that will be implemented along the Carson River.

Jobs Summary: For the period of May 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009, CWSD employed 23 workers through an Employment Agency to spray, cut, and bag noxious weeds throughout the Carson River Watershed. CWSD also employed four area coordinators who worked only a few hours a week to coordinate where the field crews would work. CWSD also employed two people for one day to clear large areas of decadent Perennial Pepperweed. All this work began in September. Additionally, the Neveada Department of Agriculture ARRA Coordinator position was created, and the position filled on August 20th, 2009. To date, this position is .47 FTE, of which 12% is contributed to this project. (Total jobs reported: 2)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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