Grant: $6,281,000 - Forest Service - Aug. 18, 2009

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Award Description: Alabama faces a crisis as it continues to lose the battle against the devastating onslaught of cogongrass, a federally listed invasive weed and considered on of the top ten most invasive weeds in the world. Since its introduction in SW Alabama in 1912, cogongrass has become epidemic in parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, the potential for continued spread across the lower United States is problematic unless a sustained compaign to halt its advancement is made. Unchecked, cogongrass will dominate the southern landscape turning a dynamic and diverse ecosystem into a monoculture unsuitable and unproductive for multiple use objectives such as recreation, wildlife habitat, hay and sod production, timg\ber management and biodiversity conservation. Further, cogongrass poses a real and present danger in the form of a highly flammable fuel promoting catastrophic wildfire that threatens homes, structures and habitats.

Project Description: Greene county was surveyed for cogongrass infestations. For known sites (reported through Alabama Forestry Commission) the contractor confirmed locations and sizes. The contractor also contacted local consultants who had knowledge of previously unknown sites and examined these infestations. The contractor also visited landowners where cogongrass infestations were found and had the landowner sign a landowner acess and treatment agreement form so the program can treat and monitor their property.

Infrastructure Description: NA

Jobs Summary: Staff Accountant for Alabama Forestry Commission to oversee and administer ARRA Grants. Contractor for Larson and McGowin Inc. Responsibilities are to: 1) assess known cogongrass infestation sites for correct acreage and GPS points; 2) scout for new cogongrass infestation sites and GPS points; 3) confirm property ownership on infested sites; and 4) get landowners to sign access and treatment/monitoring agreements. (Total jobs reported: 1)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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