Grant: $40,670,095 - Department of Labor - Mar. 14, 2009

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Award Description: Successful implementation and use of the Recovery Act funds offers an extraordinary opportunity for the workforce system to advance its transformational efforts and demonstrate its full capacity to innovate and implement effective One-Stop service delivery strategies. In a stronger, more comprehensive workforce investment system, Youth, Adults, and Dislocated Workers move easily between the labor market and education and training in order to advance in their careers and upgrade their contributions to the workplace. Youth, Adult, and Dislocated Worker job training, postsecondary education, registered apprenticeship, career advancement and supportive service activities are fully aligned with economic and community development strategies, so as to meet the skill needs of existing, and emerging employers and high growth occupations as well as the needs of under-skilled workers. Intensive and training services to Adult and Dislocated Workers include Individual training Accounts and On the job training payments to Employers.

Project Description: Youth program is more than 90% completed and consisted of Summer Youth employment activities. Over 6,000 youth were served in the program. Adult (95% obligated/42% expended) and Dislocated Worker (88% obligated/21% expended) programs address traditional training and educational opportunities such as Individual Training Accounts (ITA's) and On the job training (OJT). They also include intensive services to clients in the WIN job centers.

Jobs Summary: Mississippi Youth involved in the Summer Youth Employment Program were placed in a wide variety of summer employment jobs. These included clerical positions in state, county, and local government offices; maintenance positions at private sector companies and at public schools and other public offices; public service positions such as assistant librarians and museum docents; positions in the retail and service sector such as wait staff, food preparers, and dishwashers, or cashiers and stockers; and clerical assistants at professional offices including medical, veterinary, and legal offices. The local areas also strived to find employment opportunities that could be considered 'green jobs' to meet one of the goals of the ARRA. Some positions that the local areas considered 'green' included work at recycling centers and reclamation centers, at thrift shops selling second-hand items, at landscaping companies, and for one young lady, working in soybean fields as a plant disease researcher combating plant stem cancer. (Total jobs reported: 1,289)

Project Status: More than 50% Completed

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