Contract: $1,407,839,884 - Department of Energy - Jan. 10, 2008

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Award Description: Recovery Act Projects at SRNS consist of: Project A - Complete deactivation and in situ decommissioning of the P-Reactor and the R-Reactor, the remediation of 6 miles of underground lines and 220 acres of contaminated soil. Project B - Complete closure of the former site heavy water production facilities at D Area, deactivation of the D Area powerhouse and support facilities, remediation of 210 acres and 117,000 cubic yards of tritium contaminated soils and concrete, complete closure of the fuel manufacturing facilities at M-Area, remediate 45 acres of contaminated soil and removal of all contamination sources to a 1,500 acre ground water plume. Project C - at various other site areas deactivate/decommission facilities, remediate soil and ground water and remediate impacted site systems. Remove plutonium-238, characterize A-area waste units, remediate Gunsite-12 and the CMP pits, decommission the heavy water components test reactor, consolidated incineration facility, cooling towers, power houses and excess facilities in various areas. Project D - Handle waste disposition and impacted site systems, disposition 4,500 cubic meters of legacy waste, consolidate all RCRA waste storage and close excess facilities, disposition 16,000 drums of depleted uranium oxide, and dispose of all waste generated as a result of the previously described processes. Inter-Entity Work Orders (IEWO) - support for development of chemical information for vapor space corrosion testing, and demonstration of batch transfer consistency from scaled double shell tank.

Project Description: Established logistics functions (training, medical surveillance, site housing) and augmented support functions (ESH&Q, communications, project controls, procurement, operations assurance) necessary to support ramp-up of additional workforce for ARRA requirements. Expanded staff augmentation subcontracts, bringing on-site, badging, training and committing more than 1,000 additional personnel to ARRA project requirements. Developed initial 180 day work plan and performance baseline, identifying scope, schedule and cost for the project. Under IEWOs, SRNS supported the Hanford site by providing mixing studies including demonstration of batch transfer consistency from double wall storage tanks, and supporting development of chemical information for vapor space corrosion testing. Developed regulatory compliance approach and related deliverables in alignment with regulatory authorities. Performed operational tasks (characterization, deactivation, decontamination, waste processing and disposal), highlighted by the following: • Completed L Northern groundwater characterization, and initiated characterization of four A Area waste units; • Demonstrated proof of process for reactor decommissioning grouting; • Initiated deactivation of retired processing systems and decontamination of affected structures in waste units, including A Area, C Area, D Area, M Area, P Area, and R Area • Completed first phase of TRU Pad 1, removing the soil cover and multiple concrete culverts containing drummed TRU waste materials; • Shipped waste packages to DOE disposal locations at WIPP and NTS

Jobs Summary: Types of jobs created and retained: Construction Trades, Project Managers, Trainers, Buyers & Procurement, Engineers, Nurses & Medical technicians, Clerical, Safety Engineers & Specialists, Industrial Hygienists & Rad-Con Technicians, Information Technology, Work Planners, Estimators & Schedulers, Security Badging Specialists, Environmental Remediation Technicians, Waste Processing Technicians, System Operators, and Material Handlers. Retained Jobs - As a result of lower than expected investment performance due to poor market conditions from downturns in the economy, the Savannah River Site had to realize a $154M increase in cost required to meet site pension benefit obligations in early 2009. As annual funding is fixed for the fiscal year, meeting this pension funding requirement created a deficit that would have required workforce reductions of almost 800 at the site. Transfer of area completion (clean-up) and waste management work scope to ARRA was a viable means to meet the funding deficit, in keeping with the DOE-EM’s goals of accelerating clean-up efforts and creating/retaining jobs under ARRA. This scope realignment allowed both the remaining core work of the M&O contract along with the work transferred to ARRA to be accomplished without requiring a layoff of existing workers. Staff Augmentation Workers – SRNS employed a strategy to augment its directly employed workforce through subcontractors who provide long-term, but temporary workers. Although they are not included in our direct hire FTE calculations as they are not employees of SRNS, more than 1,000 staff augmentation subcontract workers have been added to our site ARRA workforce. Most of these positions will be sustained over the duration of the 30 months. Some of these personnel may be retained at conclusion of ARRA project to offset site retirements & meet new/continuing mission needs. Local Impact – One of SRNS’ primary Recovery Act goals is to hire as many qualified local residents as possible. More than 2/3 of the workers in created jobs, including both SRNS and staff augmentation workers, are from South Carolina and Georgia. (Total jobs reported: 800)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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AIKEN, SC 29803
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Savannah River Site
Aiken, SC 29808
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