Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc.

Contract: $5,833,200 - Department of Energy - Jun. 5, 2009

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Award Description: 1) Support to ORO Environmental Management in support of Defense ARRA work at ORNL; 2) Support to ORO Environmental Management in support of Non-Defense ARRA work at ORNL; 3) Support of ARRA work at ETTP-K-27 building; 4) Support of ARRA work at Y-12 National Security Complex; and 5) Support of ARPA-E

Project Description: IEAV-ORNL-the following work was completed for thirty-four facilities-Facility Walkdowns, Historical Site Assessments, and Preliminary Scoping Surveys. Characterization sampling was completed for 5 facilities. Y-12: Technical support was provided for waste characterization activities at the Alpha 5 facility. Technical assistance was provided for waste handling plans, sample plans, and data quality objective sessions for the Beta 4, Old Salvage Yard, and Biology complex. No activities have begun at K-27. ORISE provided PeerNet, a proprietary web-based evaluation system, to ARPA-E and its reviewers to use to evaluate and score proposed research funded under this program. Additionally, ORISE provided travel assistance to the reviewers enabling them to attend the panel meetings held in the Washington DC area in September 2009.

Jobs Summary: Managers-6 Administrative-6 Technical-25 (Total jobs reported: 8)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc.
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130 Badger Road
P.O. Box 117
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
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